we call it integrated for a reason

as online brand managers, we’ll create, customize, and implement campaigns that work in tandem to produce results. you can begin with one of our sample packages and get a sense of google’s brave new world. we’ll monitor, assess, and adapt. or we can chat and build your campaign from the ground up.

The INTROVERT. shy but curious.
Starts at $1,200/MONTH
includes blog content, white hat link building, and social media
The DEBUTANTE. ready steady go.
Starts at $2,200/MONTH
includes more blog content, white hat link building, social media, infographics
The SOCIALITE. bonjour mes amis!
Starts at $3,500/MONTH
includes tons of blog content, white hat link building, social media, infographics
The INFLUENCER. do or do not, there is no try.
Starts at $5,000/MONTH
includes pretty much everything and more
The SOCIAL BUTTERFLY. party time
Social Media only starts at $500/MONTH / profile
includes social media profiles, updates, interactions, etc.
You, and your business, are so unique.
Contact us for a Custom Package.

Our packages are comprehensive.

Every package that Gryffin offers includes all the elements you need for online success:

  • Audits: On-Page, Social, and Competitive
  • Keyword Research: To drive content marketing
  • Blog/Site Content: Engaging content
  • Infographic Design: Visual content to generate links and social shares
  • Link Building: Infographic Links, Guest Blog Links, Broken Link Building, Competitive Links, Scholarships & Miscellaneous
  • Giveaways Links & Promotions: For both Social Media and Links
  • Content Outreach: To promote infographics and high-end content assets
  • Link Audits & Profile Monitoring: Keep your site Safe from Penalties
  • Pinterest Boards, Pins, Follower Growth & Engagement
  • Google Plus Curated Content, Unique Content, Follower Growth & Engagement, Community Creation & Management, Google Plus Hangouts, Monitoring
  • Facebook Curated Content, Unique Content, Fan Growth & Engagement, Monitoring
  • Facebook Advertising Campaigns, Strategic Development, Social Segment Creation
  • Twitter Curated Content, Unique Content, Follower Growth & Engagement, Monitoring
  • Linkedin Curated Content, Linkedin Unique Content, Linkedin Groups Engagement, Connections Growth
  • Social Media Promotions & Social Advertising: Grow your social followers and increase social signals and engagement

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