Projects Powered By Collaboration.

The Freedom To Be More Productive.

Custom Templates
Gryffin is a project management system designed by YOU. Track your projects from conception to completion with unlimited custom templates.
Task Automation
Task management is time consuming. With task automation, create efficient, streamlined workflows for any type of project you can imagine.
Visibility Controls
Keep an eye on your teams—and what your teams can keep their eye on. Gryffin gives you complete control to integrate multiple teams into one workspace.

One Project. All The Pieces.

Your Projects, Managed

No more floating tasks or out of control lists. Connected tasks keep your projects organized and your day delightfully on-track.

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Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Start conversations, direct mention team members, and even upload files to dedicated project chats.

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Easy Access, Instant Sharing

Attach files to projects to get them where you need them, when you need them. Integrate Google Docs to create and collaborate in real-time.

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Turn Discussion Into Action

Create a project from any email, then track and send emails directly from the project once you’ve got the ball rolling.

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Better Than A Brita

With Gryffin’s advanced calendar filter, you can see everything: projects, tasks, and meetings by users or teams, and so much more.

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Keep It All Connected

Projects within projects? No problem. You can associate projects between workspaces for quick and easy tracking.

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Effortless Invoicing, Happy Teams

Contract and freelance workers can generate invoices from the projects assigned to them.

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Follow What Matters Most

Segmented feeds allow you to track the activity of you, your team, and the projects you care about most.

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