Marketing Project Management Software for Digital Marketing Teams


Create Schedule and Track.

Plan your editorial calendar, schedule content pieces, and track the status of articles, writers, videos, and any other digital asset — all in one place! Gryffin’s simple, drag, and drop editorial calendar builder will streamline and simplify your content creation workflows.


     Calendar, Kanban and List View
     Import and Track Keyword Data
     Keep Track of Content Deadlines


Amplify Link Building.

Create and manage link building campaigns from start to finish. From identifying potential targets to following the status of each prospect, you can use Gryffin to track all Blogger and PR outreach initiatives.


     Create an Outreach Database
     Send out, Respond to, Tag and Organize Emails from One Interface
     Automatically Track the Status of Placed Links

     Measure Anchor Density & More


Optimize Conversion.

Using Gryffin, you can create SEO Experiments to determine how your optimizations are performing. Take action if you see pages or keywords dropping in the rankings, and measure the impact of Algorithmic updates, visual page changes, content changes, and more.


     Respond Quickly to Ranking Changes
     Track and Improve the CTR of your pages
     Find out the Outcome of your Content Optimizations

     Provide your Clients with Accountability


See and Measure Results.

Gryffin’s Site Analytics allows you to see the impact of your optimization efforts using performance metrics from Google Analytics. Track unlimited multi-year historical data from Google Search Console beyond Google’s 16 months limit.


     Simple Dashboard for all Relevant SEO KPI’s
     Determine the Impact of Algorithmic Updates
     At-a-Glance Reports to Identify Optimization Opportunites

     Turn Data into Action with our Built-In Tasking System


Scale and Automate.

Lack of structure and organization can cause you to lose clients needlessly. With Gryffin, you can effortlessly oversee all of your marketing projects, tasks, and deadlines from a single all-in-one system. Increase your team’s productivity by streamlining task priorities and never miss a deadline again.


     Build Workflow Automation Templates
     Task Management and Tracking at a Glance
     Time, Expense, and Invoice Tracking

     Scalable and Customizable Reporting

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Take Control of your Marketing with these features.

Run your entire digital marketing operations with one comprehensive, all-in-one tool


View of all your projects in one place.

At a glance, see what tasks are overdue, changes in your team’s productivity, and many more data points. Create custom dashboards that pull out data so you can quickly and easily manage and optimize your team’s performance.


Manage your projects & tasks.

Create projects, assign tasks, track the status of deliverables, and keep up with the costs of your campaigns with one single tool. Gryffin allows you to create customizable workflows and workspaces that break down the steps of your daily operations and keeps your team organized.


Easy code-free automation.

If you’ve been in digital marketing long enough, you’ll quickly notice that it involves a high degree of repetition. Creating great content requires the same set of steps each time – ideation, creation, revision, approval, publishing. As with content, technical audits, link building, and every other process related to marketing tends to be systematic and repeatable. With Gryffin, you can create custom workflows for each type of project, quickly and easily, without needing a programmer.


Manage Projects Your Way.

Customize Gryffin templates so that they respond to the way you work instead of the other way round! Just drag and drop fields you need to include according to the way you already work. It is that easy!


Manage your marketing campaigns.

Reach your audience at every step of their buying journey with a systematic and comprehensive content strategy. Gryffin’s drag and drop visual Editorial Calendar Builder allows you to quickly create, track and measure your content. From selecting keywords for your articles, to assigning content pieces to your writers, to tracking the performance of your content, you can do it all with Gryffin!


Expand your network.

Need a link building software to help with your outreach? Use Gryffin to create an inventory of link partners, track all communications, and keep all of your blogger outreach organized. Gryffin’s system allows you to use multiple email personas, templates, and automatically grabs metrics for your potential link partners, allowing you to promote your content and build links without any hassle.


Get the complete picture.

Automatically check your website’s traffic, identify pages that have increased or decreased in traffic, and even identify how algorithmic updates are affecting your sites. With our API integration with Google Analytics and Google Search Console, you can easily track how your traffic, rankings, and keywords are trending over time.


Easy collaboration.

Need transparency so you clients can see, at a glance, the status of their projects? Add your clients into the interface so they can receive tasks to review the status of their projects, track their website’s metrics, and stay involved in their SEO campaign. A comprehensive system of permissions allows you to granularly control what every user can see.


Let data guide you.

Create reports about virtually everything from task status, projects for a specific client, campaign or team, expenses for a particular client or campaign, and much more. Build and save reports which can then be shared with clients or team members.


Create invoices quickly.

Working with contractors, freelancers, or team members with varying pay grades? Gryffin allows your team members to invoice directly in the system, add transaction ID’s and track the status of all payments. The invoicing system has auditing capabilities so managers can review and approve all invoices before they are submitted and processed. Simultaneously, use Gryffin to create invoices based on billable hours, send out invoices to your clients and track the status of their payments.


Hassle-free time tracking.

Do you need to track the time spent on a project, or your employees performance? Use Griffin’s simple time tracker to track time spent on tasks, projects, or campaigns. Use time tracking data to calculate costs, make decisions, track productivity, and to monitor your team’s performance.


Connect your tools.

Bring in your data from other applications to simplify your work. Connect you Gryffin account with Google Drive, Google Calendar, Gmail, Slack, SEMrush, and many others. Stop trying to manage dozens of tools, and bring all of you work operations into one simple interface.

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