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Key Features

Frustrated by juggling multiple tools and spreadsheets to run your digital marketing campaigns? Switch to Gryffin Today!

Create Schedule and Track

Plan your editorial calendar, schedule content pieces, and track the status of articles, writers, videos, and any other digital asset — all in one place! Gryffin’s simple, drag, and drop editorial calendar builder will streamline and simplify your content creation workflows.

  • Calendar, Kanban and List View
  • Import and Track Keyword Data
  • Keep Track of Content Deadlines

Amplify Link Building

Create and manage link building campaigns from start to finish. From identifying potential targets to following the status of each prospect, you can use Gryffin to track all Blogger and PR outreach initiatives.

  • Create an Outreach Database
  • Send out, Respond to, Tag and Organize Emails from One Interface
  • Automatically Track the Status of Placed Links
  • Measure Anchor Density & More

Optimize Conversion

Using Gryffin, you can create SEO Experiments to determine how your optimizations are performing. Take action if you see pages or keywords dropping in the rankings, and measure the impact of Algorithmic updates, visual page changes, content changes, and more.

  • Respond Quickly to Ranking Changes
  • Track and Improve the CTR of your pages
  • Find out the Outcome of your Content Optimizations
  • Provide your Clients with Accountability

See and Measure Results

Gryffin’s Site Analytics allows you to see the impact of your optimization efforts using performance metrics from Google Analytics. Track unlimited multi-year historical data from Google Search Console beyond Google’s 16 months limit.

  • Simple Dashboard for all Relevant SEO KPI’s
  • Determine the Impact of Algorithmic Updates
  • At-a-Glance Reports to Identify Optimization Opportunites
  • Turn Data into Action with our Built-In Tasking System

Scale and Automate

Lack of structure and organization can cause you to lose clients needlessly. With Gryffin, you can effortlessly oversee all of your marketing projects, tasks, and deadlines from a single all-in-one system. Increase your team’s productivity by streamlining task priorities and never miss a deadline again.

  • Build Workflow Automation Templates
  • Task Management and Tracking at a Glance
  • Time, Expense, and Invoice Tracking
  • Scalable and Customizable Reporting

Who is Gryffin For?

Gryffin was built by a digital marketing agency with a team of creative, forward-thinking individuals.
We were using too many tools and were one step away from pulling out our hair trying to keep operations synchronized and sustainable
Instead, we kept our hair and built Gryffin.
Gryffin was specifically designed for digital marketing agencies and in-house marketing teams.

Who Is Gryffin For?

Creative Agencies
Marketing Teams
In-House Teams
Content Marketers
Media Producers
SEM’s / PPC’s
PR Teams
Web Developers

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