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What types of fields can I use in my Workspace?

Watch this video to learn about Workspace fields!

There are 10 different types of fields you can use:
What types of fields can I use in my Workspace?

  • Text: You can create a single line text field, or a multi line text field.
  • Category: Create an endless number of categories, and limit it to one choice, or multiple choice.
  • Date: Your date field can have a single date, or it can have a start and end date, and you can have it show your time entry as well.
  • Number: You can add numbers and have it show whole numbers, two decimals, or four decimals.
  • User: Select one user from the list of users who belong to your company, or if you click on the multiple choice selector, you can assign multiple users to a project using this field.
  • Client: If you have clients, select this field so you can filter your projects by client.
  • List: This field allows you to add multiple text items or links. If you have a project that has many related links, you can add them all here. Once you add a text item or link, you’ll get another line so you can add multiple items to your list.
  • Document: If you connect your Google Drive account to Gryffin, you can use this field to automatically create documents in your Google Drive account, with the link appearing here. You can automatically create documents, or you can press a button to create documents on the fly. You can create Documents, Presentations, or Spreadsheets.
  • Checklist: If you have a list of items that need to be done for a project, you can start by adding them directly to your workspace. Or you can just add an empty checklist field, and allow the user to create his/her own checklist dynamically from within the project by adding items.
  • Progress: Want to track the progress of a project? Use this field with an easy drag feature to quickly let others know how a project is progressing.

Here’s what each field looks like when it’s been created.

What types of fields can I use in my Workspace?

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