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What are Widgets?

Widgets are enhancements that you can add to your projects. There are currently 8 widgets that you can pick from:

  • Activity Feed: Track changes made to a project.
  • Calendar: Add a calendar to your project, where you can track tasks, milestones, and projected tasks.
  • Chat: Create multiple threads to chat about a project, including @ mentions and the ability to add files.
  • Email: Attach emails to projects, and send emails from within a project.
  • Files: Upload files to specific projects, and get instantly shareable URL’s.
  • Milestones: Mark the milestones of a project, and track them in the project calendar.
  • Tags: Add tags to a project, and track your tags from the Tag Manager.
  • Tasks: Add tasks specific to a project, and track them from within the project as well as the Task Dashboard.

What are Widgets?

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