Teams are an enhancement available through the Marketplace. If you turn on “Advanced Permissions” from within the marketplace, you will then have the ability to work with teams.

Now that you have enabled advanced permissions, you can now use teams to control what users belonging to your company can see and do.

Start by creating a new team:

Next, select what users or workspaces belong to that team:

If you assign a user to a team, and a workspace, that user will be able to see everything belonging to that workspace.

Next, click on the tab called “Permissions” to assign specific limitations to users belonging to that team:

If you click on the sections for “Projects”, “Tasks”, “Chat”, etc you will be able to determine what users that are members of this team can see and do. For example, you can restrict them to only seeing their own projects, and not being able to create or delete new projects.

Perhaps you want members of a team to only see the projects and tasks for other members of the same team? Or maybe you only want them to see projects assigned to them, or tasks assigned to them?

Play with these settings to get very granular about what team cohorts can do and see within Gryffin.

How do I restrict project visibility by teams?

If you’d like to have projects that only members of a given team can see, you can modify your workspace to add a “Team” field. Select your workspace, and from the top right, click on “Configure Workspace” and then click on “Templates”.

Next, click on the “Team” field, and drag it to the right hand column:

Finally, click on “save”, and this will have modified your template to include a “Team” field.

When you go back to your workspace, and click on an individual project or create a new project, you’ll see the team field:

If you assign a particular team, and then select specific visibility settings from within Admin > Company > Teams, you’ll be able to keep very granular control of your visibility settings. In this case, you can have all members of a team see the projects that this team has assigned to it.

You can later see a listing of all projects belonging to that team by clicking on the arrow in any project:

The “Team” page will look like this:

If there are multiple projects assigned to a team, they will all show up under the “Team” listing.

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