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Slack Integration Tutorial

Are you tired of having conversations on slack that don’t get turned into action? Connect slack with Gryffin and don’t forget a task, ever again!

Connect Slack with Gryffin

To connect Slack with Gryffin, follow these steps:

Go to the Slack app directory, and search for “Gryffin”, or simply follow this link: https://gryffinmediatest.slack.com/apps/AA19APRS6-gryffin-beta

Slack Integration Tutorial

In the next screen, click “Authorize”

Slack Integration Tutorial

Make sure you have selected the Slack company where you wish to install Gryffin (on the top right).

Next, you’ll be taken to this screen:

Slack Integration Tutorial

Click on Admin > API Connections and you’ll see that Slack is Connected.

That’s it! You’ve now connected Slack and Gryffin.

Once you have installed Gryffin on Slack, you can create new tasks from within Slack.

How to Create Gryffin Tasks on Slack

You’ll have to give Slack a command for new tasks to be created. From within Slack, type in:

/gryffin task

You’ll be asked to select a company (in case you’re a mult-company user).

Slack Integration Tutorial

Once you select a company, you’ll see a pop up to Create New Task.

From here you can give your task a Title, Due Date, Assigned To, and Task Information, and click on Create.

Once you enter in all of the information and click on Create, you’ll see the task within Slack, with a link to the task in Gryffin.

Slack Integration Tutorial

If you click on the link to the task, you’ll see the task pop up open in Gryffin.

Slack Integration Tutorial

From here, you can click on “Edit” if you wish to edit it, add a comment, or simply close the task pop up to see your Task Manager.

Slack Integration Tutorial

How to Connect a Task Created in Slack to a project

If you prefer for all of your tasks to live inside projects, you can still connect your tasks with your projects from within Slack.

From slack, type in:

/gryffin task project URL

The project URL should be the actual link of the Gryffin project where you want the task to be added.

Slack Integration Tutorial

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