Project Tasks

Even though Gryffin can be used for tracking projects, chats, and expenses, and everything related to your company, everything starts and ends with tasks. Tasks is how things get DONE. If you need someone on your team to performa a task, you can create floating tasks in your Task Dashboard, or create tasks assigned to specific projects.

You can create new tasks by going to your Task Dashboard, and clicking on the red plus:

To create a task that is connected to a project, click on the same button within a project:

The task will appear both in your task manager, as well as within the tasking widget of your project hub.

How do I create recurring tasks?

Go to your Task Dashboard, and create a new task.

You’ll see the task creation pop up.

Click on the icon for “Recurring”.

You’ll see the different options you can use for creating a recurring task.

Here’s an example of a weekly recurring task.

Once you know what your needs are, play with the settings until you can get your recurring task working just right.

You can also create recurring tasks inside projects by using the red + button.

How do I create a meeting?

Go to your Task Dashboard, or to your project tasks, and create a new task.

Click on the 2nd icon, and select the drop down for meetings.

You’ll see that you’ll be able to select more than one person in the “Assigned to” field. You will also see a start and end date and time.

Your meeting will then show up in your personal calendar, as well as in the project calendar.

It will also show up in your task dashboard as a meeting.

How do I filter between pending and completed tasks withinin a project?

By default, the tasks you see are pending.

If you wish to see completed tasks, simply click on the drop down, and change Pending to Done.

How do I filter tasks within a project?

There are many ways that you can filter within a project. You’ll want to start by clicking on the filter icon. Then, select what field you want to filter by.

How do I change the priority level of a task?

Click on the priority flag for a task, and you’ll see a drop down with different priorities.

Select the adequate priority level for each task, and this will be updated in the main task dashboard as well.

How do I add an end time to a task?

Gryffin assumes that the “Due Date” of a task is the end date, or when the task is due. If you have a mult-day task that needs to be tracked differently, you can add a “Start” date, which will make the task a multi-day task.

Once the task is multi-day, you can set aside time in your calendar to work on this project until it’s completed.

Here’s an example of a multi day task on the calendar.

How do I create subtasks?

Below the Quick Due Date, you’ll see a check box called “Add Subtasks”.

You can add as many subtasks as you need by simply typing into each box, and then new boxes will appear, until you are done creating subtasks.

How do I leave a message or file on a specific task?

Once you have created a task, you’ll see it appear in the task or project dashboard. If you click on the title of the task, it will open up in right-side pane.

This panel will have a comment box, where you can easily add files by clicking on the plus, or leave comments.

You can also click on “Edit” to set back to the main task popup.

From here, you can also leave comments or attach files

How do I delete a task?

To delete a task from within a project, click on the icon with 3 dots on the right of every project, and click on “Delete”.

If you want to delete multiple tasks at once, go to your Task Dashboard.

Click on the checkboxes for the tasks you wish to delete. On the top row, click on the icon for Delete.

How do I see the task feed?

Every task has a feed, and will track changes made to the task. You can find it by going to the task pop up by clicking on “edit”.

From there, you’ll need to toggle from chat to feed view from within the task.

You’ll be able to see the feed of each particular task here.

How do I create an approval task?

At the moment, approval tasks can only be created as part of a workflow. Within a workflow, you need to select a status as an approval status, which will in turn create an approval task.

And this is what it looks like as part of your task list.

Can I reply to a task notification from my email?

When you get a task notification, you can reply and even @ mention people, and these will get added to the thread that they are associated with, as well as the relevant @ mentions.

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