Project Billing

Need to know the total cost of a project? Have variable invoicing based on team member pay rates?

Use the expense feature within your projects to have your team members submit expenses and invoices, and keep track of all costs of projects, campaigns, and even monthly expenses!

How to submit project expenses?

Go to your project, and click on More, then Billing.

Click on Pending at the top so you can see users who are automatically able to generate invoices. Any user that is included in a “User” field will automatically appear in your Pending tab.

Users can click to the right of their name on the checkbox. A pop up will appear for the user to submit a project expense.

The image above shows a user that does NOT have a pay grade configured. To configure a paygrade for a user, go to Admin > Billing, and click on User. Type in the name of the user that you wish to assign a pay grade to.

Your options are:

  • Salary
  • Project Type
  • Custom User Pay Grades

For this example, we’ll use Custom User Pay Grades, which allows you to assign predetermined values for a specific type of project that you’ve negotiated in advance with a team member.

Save your settings, and click over to the next tab in Billing called Workspaces.

Select the module and workspace, and select the team admins who can approve/reject invoices.

Once you’ve clicked ok, go back to your invoice.

The pop up will now give you the option to select the payment type and the person that will be notified to approve the submitted expense.

Next, you’ll need to go to the “Invoiced” tab, where you will see the expenses that have been submitted.

Notice that the total is still $0, because this expense has not been approved so it’s not included in the project cost.

The workflow admin will then need to approve by simply clicking on “Approve” or “Reject”.

Once approved, the amount will be added to the total project cost.

Finally, the user needs to submit their invoice to be paid.

To do so, they need to go to Admin > Invoices, and click on the “Ready to Pay” tab.

Select the items that you wish to invoice for, and click on “Invoice”. You’ll see a pop up where you can submit your details for the invoice.

Once you click on OK, the invoice will be submitted for payment to the Company Billing Admin.

Attach files to project invoices

When you submit a project expense, click on “Choose Files” so you can attach a receipt or any other relevant details to an expense.

Once paid, the Company Billing Admin will mark it as paid and archive it to the “Paid” tab.

Why do only certain users appear under “Notify to” in the project expense window?

Gryffin has a built-in approval system, so that team members can submit their expenses to a billing admin. This helps to manage your expense tracking and expense approval workflows.

You can select a company billing admin that shows up for every workspace.

If you need to more granular, you can even choose a different billing admin for every workspace!

How do I get the project totals to reflect submitted invoices or expenses?

For a project expense to be included in the total project cost, a billing admin has to approve the expense. Once approved, the expense will count towards the project total, and will enable the team member to submit an invoice for the project.

Why do I need someone to approve an invoice?

Gryffin has built-in auditing capabilities at many levels. From allowing admins to see all tasks in the company, to expense auditing, Gryffin allows a hierarchical structure to thrive. Using the project expense approval system, you can have multiple auditing capabilities using different team members.

Can I approve my own invoices/expenses?

If you designate yourself as the billing admin, then yes, you can.

How does someone submit an invoice with work performed on multiple projects?

Once your project expenses have been approved, they will appear in your “Ready to Pay” tab in Admin > Invoices.

From there, you can see everything that your editor/admin has approved, and submit them all as part of your invoice.

How do I track the total cost of a project?

Go to your project, and click on More > Billing. The system will tally the total cost of approved invoices. If an invoice has been submitted, but has not been approved, the amount for the submitted invoice will not be included in the project total. Only when the invoice has been approved will it be included in the project cost.

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