Milestones are the mini-deadlines you have to hit to meet a project deadline. With Gryffin, you can create and track these through your automated workflows, or you can track these separately.

You can also see your milestones in the project calendar.

How do I add a milestone?

To add a milestone, go to your project, and click on the dropdown for More. Click on Milestones.

You’ll see a blank milestone window where you can click on “Add” to create new milestones.

To create new milestones, click on the red plus as many times as you’d like to create new milestones.

Where do I see milestones?

Your milestones can be found in the Milestones tab of your project.

You can also find them in your project calendar.

Can I change the due date of a milestone?

To change a milestone, simply go to your Milestones tab in your project, and click on the milestone you want to edit.

You can edit your milestone and click on okay.

How do I automatically create milestones based on a project’s workflow?

If you want a status to become a milestone, all you have to do is edit your workflow, and click on the stages that should become milestones.

You can have multiple statuses as milestones.

Break down your project into the key statuses with the due dates you need to reach to meet your deadline, and use the milestones to signify project achievements along the way.

How do I view projected milestones for a project?

Go to your project calendar, and you’ll see the light red tasks. These are the projected milestones.

Where do I delete milestones?

To delete your milestones, go to your Milestones tab in your project, and click on the trash icon.

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