Where do I find items that are ready to submit for payment?

Go to Admin > Invoices, and click on “Ready to Pay”. Here, you will see a list of the projects that have been approved for you to submit for payment.

Where do I see invoices that have been paid?

Go to Admin > Invoices, and you’ll see, at the top right, the 3 tabs for invoiced, pending transaction ID, and paid.

You can click on any of these to see invoices belonging to these categories, and by clicking on the invoices, you can see the categories they belong to.

Where can I find the transaction id for a project that has already been paid?

Go to your project, click on More > Billing. If the project has been paid, you’ll see the Status as paid, and it’ll be hyperlinked to the invoice.

By clicking through on the link, you’ll see the paid invoice, which will include the transaction ID.

Can I make multiple payments towards an expense invoice?

When an expense invoice is submitted, you can submit partial payments, and add a different transaction ID for each partial payment.

In the image above, you can see that there’s already a transaction ID. However, in the highlighted box, you can submit a second transaction ID and amount and save it, thus allowing you to submit partial payment and track the partial payments with unique transaction ID’s.

How do I create a Recurring Invoice?

Go to Admin > Invoices, and click on “Go to Invoices” at the top left.

From Invoices, click on “Create Invoice”.

Once you fill out your invoice, you’ll see the options to turn your invoice into a recurring invoice.

Here you can customize the settings of your recurring invoice, including the frequency, end date, and automated emails.

How do I create an invoice for a client?

Go to Admin > Invoices, and click on “Go to Invoices” at the top left.

From Invoices, click on “Create Invoice”.

Fill out all of the details for your invoice.

If you haven’t already created an item or a Billing Item, you can create them dynamically while creating a new invoice, and these will be saved to the system for future invoicing capabilities.

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