At the moment, there are 5 integrations available:

More integrations will be developed and added in the coming months.

Google Drive

Gryffin’s Google Drive integration allows you to automatically or manually create Google documents, presentations, or spreadsheets from Gryffin which are then linked to the project they were created from.

If your projects require any Google Drive documents, you don’t even have to leave Gryffin to create and link them, saving you time and guaranteeing that your projects are correctly linked to the relevant documents.

How do I connect Gryffin with Google Drive?

Click on Admin > Company, and click on the Google Drive integration. When you toggle it ON, you’ll be sent to a Google verification page. Select the account that you wish to connect, and go through the verification process.

Once you have done so, you will see that your Google Drive integration will be toggled on.

What can you do by connecting Gryffin to Google Drive?

Once you authorize the connection, you can now automatically or manually create Google Drive documents from within projects.

To do so, go to a workspace, and click on “Configure Workspace”. Then, click on “Templates” and click on the field for “Document”.

Next, click on the dotted line next to “Document”:

By leaving the checkbox for “Automatic” filled out, a new Google Drive document will be created every time a new project is created. If you unclick the field for “Automatic”, then you will have the opportunity to manually create a document from your projects:

By clicking on the button “Generate Drive” you can select between creating a new document, presentation, and spreadsheet which will be attached to that project.

You can also find that document in your Google Drive by finding the “Gryffin” project, selecting the workspace where you created the project, and then clicking on the folder for the project. The folders will be nested based on a hierarchy of Workspace Group > Workspace > Project.


Are you tired of having conversations on slack that don’t result into actionable projects? Tired of hunting down tasks amidst all that slack chit chat?

Connect slack with Gryffin and don’t forget to task a chat, ever again!

How do I Connect Slack with Gryffin?

To connect Slack with Gryffin, follow these steps:

Go to the Slack app directory, and search for “Gryffin”, or simply follow this link:

Next, click on “Install”:

In the next screen, click “Authorize”

Make sure you have selected the Slack company where you wish to install Gryffin (on the top right).

Next, you’ll be taken to this screen:

You’ll be able to see that your Slack integration in turned “On”.

That’s it! You’ve now connected Slack and Gryffin.

How to Create Gryffin Tasks from Slack?

You’ll have to give Slack a command for new tasks to be created. From within Slack, type in:

/gryffin task

You’ll be asked to select a company (in case you’re a multi-company user).

Once you select a company, you’ll see a pop up to Create New Task.

From here you can give your task a Title, Due Date, Assigned To, and Task Information, and click on Create.

Once you enter all of the information and click on Create, you’ll see the task within Slack, including a link to the task in Gryffin.

If you click on the link to the task, you’ll see the task pop up open in Gryffin.

From here, you can click on “Edit” if you wish to edit it, add a comment, or simply close the task pop up to see your Task Manager.

How to Connect a Task Created in Slack to a project?

You can connect your tasks with your projects from within Slack.

From slack, type in:

/gryffin task project URL

The project URL should be the actual link of the Gryffin project where you want the task to be added.

In the example above you can see the command includes a URL.

When you click through to the project, you will see that the task was added directly to that project, as well as in the designated user’s Task Manager list.

Now you can chat away in your Slack channels without worrying that tasks that come up in conversations will be left behind!


If you use Stripe for client payments, you can connect your Stripe account with Gryffin so that new projects will be created when Stripe invoices are created.

How do I connect Stripe with Gryffin?

To connect Stripe with Gryffin, follow these steps:

Start by creating a workspace in Gryffin where Stripe will record the invoices. Go to Admin > Workspaces, and click on create.

Make sure that your new workspaces use the same fields that Stripe uses. Here is an example:

Here are the fields you’ll need, and the type of field:

  • Order Number: Single Line Text
  • Status: Single Line Text
  • Subtotal: Number or Single Line of Text
  • Total: Number or Single Line of Text
  • Tax: Number or Single Line of Text
  • Currency: Single Line Text
  • Date: Date
  • Description: Multi Line Text
  • Due Date: Date
  • Invoice URL: Single Line Text
  • Invoice PDF: Single Line Text

You can create your Stripe workspace using the example and fields above.

2. Go to Admin > Company, and connect Gryffin with Stripe.

NOTE: It’s a requirement for your Stripe account to be verified.

When you turn it ON, you will have to map your Stripe invoice to your Gryffin workspace. Start by selecting the module and workspace that your stripe data will be imported into.

Then, map the Invoice field from Stripe to the Gryffin fields.

Once you hit Okay, you’ll be taken to your Stripe account so you can log in.

Once you do so, your Stripe and Gryffin accounts will be connected.

As an example, you can go to Stripe and click on Billing > Invoices > New, and create a new invoice:

As soon as the invoice is created in Stripe, a copy will also be created in your Gryffin workspace.

You can click into your project to view the details.

Once the Stripe invoice is in Gryffin, you can add a status, create tasks, add files, chat about the project, and much more.

What if the Invoice Status is Updated in Stripe?

If the invoice changes from pending to paid, or void, or uncollectable in Stripe, this change will be reflected in Gryffin.

When you go to your Stripe invoice to view the status:

You can then change the status on Stripe:

The status will also be changed on your Gryffin item.

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