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How do I set the pay grades for a user?

Go to Admin > Billing, and click on the tab for Users.

pay grades for a user

Select a user, and you’ll be able to select the type of payment that you use with this team member or contractor. You can select between Salary, Project Type, or Custom Pay Grades. If the user is inactive, you can change to non.

Salary: calculates the payment based on an hourly rate.

Project Type: you can add a predefined type of project at an agreed upon rate, such as a set amount for every article or design. Once you select this type, you can specify the pay grade by the workspace.

pay grades for a user

You can also pay by hour, word count, pay grade, or project.

Custom User Pay Grade: This is an agreement based on a project that applies to every workspace, so you don’t have to configure different billing for every module. If the pay grade is consistent across modules and workspaces, this makes setting up the user billing fast and easy.

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