Under CRM, you can find 3 different tabs:


Adding clients allows you to control visibility, and to segment your data. To work with this field, you need to start by adding a new client to Gryffin:

How do I add a new client to the company?

From the left menu, click on Admin > Clients. Click on the red Plus button on the top right to add a new client.

In the next screen, add the client’s details, and click on Submit.

Once you add a client, whenever you create a workspace that uses the client field, the clients you add will appear as options in the client selector fields.

You can then use “client” as a way to restrict visibility using advanced permissions, and to create reports by using the “client” filter.


New contacts can be added manually by clicking on the button. These will be added to your list of contacts:

New contacts can also be added inside a project when the contact field is used:

Finally, if you enable the “Contact” field in your webforms, contacts can be added directly from a webform available to non-registered Gryffin users:

Contact data submitted from the webform goes into the Admin > CRM > Contacts database.


If you use multiple email addresses, or need to switch rapidly between different Gmail emails, you can use the personas feature.

To do so, click on the button, and enter in the name, email address, and password of the Gmail account:

It’s important for you to know that anyone in the company can see these email addresses, so please only setup emails that can be seen by other company members.

You’ll be taken through the Google validation process, and once complete, you’ll be able to see the emails for this gmail account.

To do so, go to Inbox, and on the top of your inbox, click on the “Persona” dropdown. Select the email address that you’d like to view:

Once you’ve selected a persona, you can view emails, reply to emails, attach emails to projects, and more.

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