Chrome Extension

Where can I download the Chrome Extension?

Where can I download the Chrome Extension?

Gryffin has a companion Chrome Extension, which allows you to add projects and tasks while you browse.

You can add it to your Chrome Browser here.

Once you’ve installed it to Chrome, you can click on the icon in your browser, and will see a blue +.

From this plus button, you can add projects or tasks.

You have to start by selecting where this information will be added, by clicking on “Module” and then “Workspace”.

All of the fields for that workspace will appear, so you can add the details, and click on “Create”.

This way, you can add projects and tasks wherever you are, even if you don’t have Gryffin open.

How do I save and delete favorites for my Chrome Extension?

Open your extension, and click on “Quick Access”.

From there, you can select the module and workspace that you want to select as a “Quick Access”.

In the future, this will be memorized, saving you time from having to always select the module and workspace.

You’ll see the option for “Use Quick Access” and the memorized workspaces will appear. Once you select the Quick access, the first few fields will be selected for you, making it faster and easier to add items to Gryffin.

As soon as you click on the quick access, the module, workspace, and default workflow and status will be pre-filled.

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