Gryffin uses Threaded chats, so you can post multiple updates about a projects and have everyone on your team see the project chats. Chats can be a very simple way to chat with other team members about a project, leave status notes, or simply add comments about your project for others to see.

How do I notify a user about a new chat?

If you @ mention a user, they will receive a notification in the system, as well as an email notification.

To @ mention someone, simply start with the @ and then start typing their name. When the name appears below in green, you can click to select them.

Can I upload files to a chat, and how?

Yes, you can upload files to a chat. Go to a new, or existing, chat, and click on the icon for a clip.

And this is how it’ll display.

Can I archive a chat?

You can archive chats when they are no longer useful. To do so, you need to click on icon with 3 dots on the top right.

Where do I see archived chats within a project?

Click on the open chat box, and on the icon with 3 dots on the top right. From there, you can click on “view archived”. This will allow you to view all of the archived conversations that belong to that project.

Can I see all of the chats for a specific workspace?

Yes, you can track chats from a workspace. Go to your workspace, and click on the calendar icon to change views within your workspace.

Once you select chat, you’ll see any threaded chat belonging to that workspace.

Where can I see chats where I’ve been mentioned?

Go to your notifications on the top menu, and you can see every project where you’ve been notified.

How can I have multiple team members receive notifications for a specific chat?

If you click on the bell icon on every chat, you’ll see a pop up called “Notify”. Here you can add the team members that you’d like to notify every time someone writes on a chat box. This way, whether you are @ mentioned or not, you can stay in the loop of each project.

Can I have multiple chat threads in a single project?

Yes, we are tired of spending hours digging through dozens of conversations on Slack that are not related to the project we’re interested in. We created threaded chats so they can be hyper focused on the specific post of the chat, and so it’s easy to link to and find within the project.

Below you can see an example of 2 threads in one project, both with different topics.

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