How do I add projects or tasks to my calendar?

There are several calendars to consider. There is the company calendar, the workspace calendar, and the project calendar.

To add projects to the main calendar, you can click on the red plus on the top right.

You’ll need to select whether you want to create a project, concept or task. If you’re creating a new project, you’ll need select the module and workspace.

To add a project to workspace, go to your workspace and change your view to calendar. Then select the red plus within the calendar to create a new project for that workspace.

For a project calendar, you can only add tasks.

Can I see a daily view of my calendar?

Absolutely! Simply change the view at the top of your calendar, and you’ll be able to see your daily agenda.

If you assign an end time to your tasks, you can even schedule out your day by the hour by dragging and dropping from “All Day” to the designated times you’ll be working on your tasks.

This is one of the most powerful ways to get the most out of your calendar!

Can I view projects from specific workspaces?

Go to your calendar and click on the filter icon at the top/

Go to “Show Events” and select the Module and Workspace that you’re interested in showing data from.

Next, go to the next tab on the pop up, and click on the workspace that you want to filter.

You can further filter by fields if you click on the checkboxes under fields, for example, by “Assigned to”.

You’ll then see your calendar with the items from the workspace and fields that you filtered.

Can I view projects assigned to specific users?

Yes, by using the calendar filter, you can view only projects assigned to a specific user in the calendar.

Click on the filter icon at the top right of your calendar.

Next, click on the module and workspace where you want to see what’s assigned to a user, and enter their name in the relevant field.

You can filter by multiple workspace at once, and they will show up in the left tab menu.

You’ll only see the projects assigned to the chosen users in the calendar.

What is a calendar concept?

A concept is created on the main calendar, as well as the workspace calendar.
Concepts are quick items that you can add to your calendar that are not quite ready to become projects. When you’re brainstorming, building a quick timeline, or contemplating events, you can drop them into your calendar as concepts.

To create a concept, go to your calendar and click on the red +.

You’ll get a pop up where you can quickly/easily create new concepts.

These concepts will then appear in your calendar.

How do I turn a concept into a project?

Go to your calendar and find your concepts. Click on them, and you’ll get a pop up for each concept.

When you’re ready, click on the + on the pop up so you can turn the concept into a project.

This will open up the project creator pop up.

Once you click “OK”, you have turn your concept into a project!

How do I change a task or project’s due date from the calendar?

You can drag and drop tasks or projects from the calendar, which will change their due date directly in the project as well.

How can I turn a task into a multi-day task?

Simply put your mouse over the item in the calendar, and grab the side of the box. Drag and drop the box, and you’ll turn the task into a multi-day task.

How can I use the calendar to schedule my day?

The calendar is a fantastic way to schedule and plan your days.

What views can I use for the calendar?

There are 4 main views:

  • Month
  • Week
  • Day
  • List

These views can help you process and work with your deadlines and schedules based on your needs. Month view gives you a great overview of your tasks, week helps you figure out your tasks and goals for the week ahead, day is excellent for planning out your day, and list helps you see what you have, without assigned times.

Can I view projected tasks in the project calendar?

When you use workflows, you can view projected dates in your calendar. These are created based on due dates from your automated workflows.

The light red task is projected – it will be created +1 day after the previous task is marked done. This is a great way to visualize a complete timeline of a project, and to keep track of the dates you need to hit your deadlines.

What do the light red tasks mean in the project calendar?

The light red tasks are projected, while the dark red are actual tasks.

How do I toggle on/off tasks, milestones, and meetings?

The calendar will have an eye icon, which will allow you to control what you see.

From here, select whether you want to see tasks, projects, concepts, or all of them!

Can I sync my Google Calendar with my Gryffin calendar?

Yes! To do so, go to your profile:

From your Profile, click on Admin, and then API Connections, and finally, on the Google section, click on “Connect”:

Go through the verification process, and once you’ve approved Gryffin to Google, you’ll be back at your profile page. Go back to Admin > API Connections, and click on “Sync meetings”:

Finally, select the Google calendar that you want to sync with your Gryffin calendar, and voila! Your Google meetings will be visible inside Gryffin!

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