How It Works

We get it. You’ve got emails, tasks, and files coming at you from every direction. It’s difficult to stay organized, especially when you’re juggling your operations across multiple tools with multiple teams. Gryffin solves all that.

Modules are where the magic happens. Create unique workspaces for all your teams with custom templates and creative task automations.
Workspaces are where the synergy happens. View, track, filter, and import/export projects that follow a similar template.
Projects are where the action happens. Each project has the ability to attach tasks, files emails, conversations, meetings—even other projects—for easy navigation and tracking.

Simple. Sophisticated. You’ve Got To See It To Believe It.

This Is What You’ve BeenWaiting For!

Stop wasting time and money on tools that only do one part of the job. Get your invite for Gryffin Beta today.
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