Admins: Getting Started Guide

Learn how to set up your company and use Gryffin to organize your team.

Your Daily Workflow

You’ve set up your company and onboarded your team. Now it’s time to get to work!

To get you started, we’ve compiled a few helpful hints on how to optimize your daily workflow with Gryffin to get the most out of your day.

  • Start with your Dashboard

When you log into Gryffin, you’ll be taken to your Dashboard. From within your dashboard, you can see at a glance how many tasks you have overdue, due today, or pending. You can also see the latest projects assigned to you.

workflow management system

From here, you can click on the box for Overdue or Today’s tasks to get straight into your Task Manager.

  • Your Task Manager: Stay On Top of Your Tasks

Your Task Manager is the ultimate task list. At a glance, you can see your current, upcoming, and overdue tasks.

workflow management system

Catch up with all your overdue tasks, and see what you have on your plate for today.

If the task is attached to a project, you can click on the project name to go directly to that project. Unattached tasks will have that space blank.

The default priority for all tasks is Low (workflow management system). To upgrade the priority, click on the icon and select the new priority:

workflow management system

If you need to change the date of a task, you can drag-and-drop tasks between Overdue, Today, and Tomorrow. To set a specific Later date, click on the date to pull up a calendar:

workflow management system

Select your date, and click workflow management system to confirm the new due date.

If you want to see more information on any given task, click the workflow management system information button. This will pull up the Quick View panel for the task.

workflow management system

You’ll be able to…

  • Read any additional notes
  • See subtasks, add new subtasks, or mark them done
  • Read and reply to comments
  • Click the button in the top-right to see even more details
  • Delete the task

An organized Task Manager will help to make sure you are moving ahead on all your pending tasks.

You can access your Task Manager at any time via the quick links menu in the top-right of your screen.

workflow management system

Your Task Manager is the first icon , and the green number tells you how many tasks you have at any given moment.

  • Your Calendar: Schedule Your Time

Also in the quick links menu is your Calendar workflow management system.

In your Calendar, you can see an overview of your month, week, or day.

Monthly Calendar

workflow management system

The default display is the month calendar of your tasks. You can drag and drop tasks across days to arrange your entire month —- great if you work on agile teams or work in sprints.

If you have a task you know will take multiple days, you can extend the task box to encompass the amount of time it will take.

workflow management system

Weekly Calendar

You can switch to week view, where you can see all your tasks for a given week.

workflow management system

With this view, you also have the option to drag and drop your tasks by hour. By default tasks are “All day” tasks which do not have a time assigned to them. When you drag them onto a time slot, the task will automatically be assigned that time.

You can extend the period of time for tasks that might take longer.

workflow management system

Day View

You can also skip straight to day view to drag and drop your tasks to the specified time you want to work on your tasks

workflow management system

By assigning start and end time to your tasks, you can keep your day organized and on task.

  • Advanced Filtering: Keep Your Team on Track

If you’re managing a team or working on a project that requires other team members, you can use both the Task Manager and Calendar to see what your other team members are working on.

Filtering Your Task Manager

In your Task Manager, use the advanced filters at the top-right. By default you seeing only your own tasks, but you can switch:

  • My delegated tasks: Tasks you have assigned to other team members
  • All tasks: All tasks within your company

workflow management system

Then use the advanced filter button and select Assignee.

workflow management system

Now, on the left side, a new filter bar will appear beside the search bar, where you can filter by users.

workflow management system

You can even choose multiple filters at one time:

workflow management system

Filtering Your Calendar

The default view of your calendar is to see tasks, but you can also see other types of events.

To change the view, click on the advanced filter button workflow management system.

workflow management system

Here you can choose to see:

  • Google Calendar Events
  • Tasks for any or multiple user in your organization

workflow management system

  • Tasks or projects by moule/workspace

workflow management system

  • Reviewing Notifications & Activity

When managing a team, there are multiple ways of reviewing the scope of work within your company:

  • Your Notifications
  • Your Activity Feed

Check Your Notifications

Every time you are @mentioned on a project chat or task, you receive an email notification.

However, it can be easy to miss an email or accidentally delete them in your inbox, which is why you can also view your notifications in Gryffin.

Go to Notifications workflow management system in the quick links menu. The green number tells you how many unviewed notifications you currently have.

workflow management system

Spend some time reviewing your notifications to make sure you’ve responded to other team members or addressed their questions or concerns.

Once a notification has been addressed, you can mark it as viewed, and it will disappear from the notifications page.

They aren’t gone forever, though — you can access your viewed notifications through the drop-down on the left:

workflow management system

Watch the Feed

If you want to find out what is happening in a specific workspace, or what was done by other team members on a given day, go to quick links menu and click on your company’s Activity Feed .

workflow management system

From here, you can see what changes have been made and what has been worked on and by whom.

  • Your Integrated Inbox: Turn Discussion Into Action

Throughout your day you have your eye on your inbox. The final step of your daily workflow is to make sure that any emails that come in from clients or team members are assigned to their corresponding project, and responded to in a timely manner.

Gryffin Inbox

You can use Gryffin’s inbox, which functions the same as a regular inbox.

You’ll be prompted to connect your inbox when you first click on Inbox in your left menu:

workflow management system

Sign in via Google by entering your email and password, then clicking Allow to allow Gryffin to integrate your inbox.

workflow management system

Your Gryffin inbox will now be a mirror of your Gmail inbox. You can read and reply to emails, compose new emails, label and put emails into folders. All changes made in your Gryffin inbox will be reflected in Gmail and vice versa.

workflow management system

To attach an email to a project, click the Attach button next to the email.

You can find an existing project or even create a new project right in your inbox.

workflow management system

Chrome Extension

The Chrome extension allows you to attach emails without leaving your Gmail inbox.

When you hover over an email in Gmail, you’ll see a list of icons on the right side

workflow management system

Hit the attach button to bring up the widget which will allow you to attach the email by finding an existing project or creating a new project.

workflow management system

Once an email has been attached, you will see a small icon beside the email in your inbox. When you open the email, a panel on the left side will list the project(s), which you can click to take you directly the project.

workflow management system

When you go to the project, you’ll now see a copy of that email in the project itself. You can reply or compose a new email directly from the project.

Any reply to the original email attached via the Chrome extension will also be automatically attached to the project.

workflow management system

  • Your Daily Workflow – Optimized!

By using a combination of your Task Manager, Calendar, Feed, Notifications, and Inbox Integration, you can make sure that you are staying on task and following all of the different projects that you are in charge of or part of your pipeline.

Gryffin gives you all of the tools you need to stay on top of everything, and keep up with your team members and deadlines.

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