Admins: Getting Started Guide

Learn how to set up your company and use Gryffin to organize your team.

Task & Project Management

  • Your Dashboard: Easy Task Management

When you log into Gryffin, you’ll be taken to your Task Dashboard. From within your Dashboard, you can see at a glance how many tasks you have overdue, due today, or pending.

You can create new tasks with the button in the top right corner of the Dashboard.

When you can create a task, fill out the…

  • Title: The title of the task
  • Assigned to: Who needs to complete the task
  • Due Date: When the task is due. Use the Quick Due Date buttons, or hit the current set due date to pull up a calendar. Start Date indicates this task will be worked on over multiple days. If the task has a time deadline as well as a date, check With Time to add an hour deadline.
  • Add Subtasks: Check this to add individual subtasks that can be marked done one at a time
  • Additional Details: Use the rich text field to leave notes for the assignee.

Use the top icons to…

  • advanced task management tool Set whether it is a task or a meeting:
  • advanced task management tool Turn it into a recurring task:
  • advanced task management tool Set the task priority
  • Associate the task to an existing project (or create a new project)
  • advanced task management tool Schedule a task ahead of time

Click Ok to save your new task.

  • Managing Your Tasks

When it comes to managing tasks, you can easily edit your task from our dashboard.

The default priority for all tasks is Low (). To upgrade the priority, click on the icon and select the new priority:

If you need to change the date of a task, you can drag-and-drop tasks between Overdue, Today, and Tomorrow. To set a specific Later date, click on the date to pull up a calendar:

Select your date, and click to confirm the new due date.

If you want to see more information on any given task, click the information button. This will pull up the Quick View panel for the task.

You’ll be able to…

  • Read any additional notes
  • See subtasks, add new subtasks, or mark them done
  • Read and reply to comments
  • Click the button in the top-right to see even more details
  • Delete the task

An organized Task Dashboard  will help to make sure you are moving ahead on all your pending tasks.

You can access your Task Dashboard at any time by clicking Dashboard in the left menu, or via the quick links menu in the top-right of your screen:

Your Task Dashboard is the first icon , and the green number tells you how many tasks you have at any given moment.

  • Workspaces: Easy Tracking & Scaling

Want to create and track projects? All your projects are together grouped together in Workspaces, which can be found in your left menu.

A workspace is a collection of projects that have a similar objective or goal. Each project in your workspace will follow the same template—think of it like a spreadsheet, where you can create and track an unlimited number of projects:

This example Workspace is full of projects and customized to track Outreach for Media/Public Relations.

When you first create your account, you’ll simply have your Dashboard, Inbox, and a Projects Workspace, which has a basic project management template.

As you add more workspaces, you can Group them together to keep your menu nice and clean.

The default view of all Workspaces is a Table (shown above), but you can use the Switch Layout drop-down in the top right to change your view:

There’s Calendar view, which displays important dates, deadlines, and tasks—perfect for editorial calendars, campaigns, or event planning.

You can also see activity in all projects within the Workspace in Feed view:

Create a new project with the button in the top right corner of the Workspace.

You can quickly edit your project to by clicking on a field…

…or click on the project’s name (in blue) to open the Project Hub and really get started!

  • Your Project Hub: Better Project Management

In Gryffin, your project hub brings together all the pieces of your project together so you can see your progress in a single glance:


The main view of your project hub displays your project details (the “template” for all projects in this Workspace).

Details can be customized by adding or removing fields to fit the need of any type of project. There are a variety of fields, allowing you to add text, categories, and checklists, attach users, clients or links. You can even connect your Google Drive to automatically generate Google docs, spreads, or slides when you create your project.

Project Tasks

In the right sidebar is your Task Widget, where you can see all tasks related to this project. Tasks can be created and managed in your Task Widget the same way as your Dashboard.

These tasks will also appear in the assigned users’ Task Dashboard, with a link to the project:

If you have Automated Workflows enabled, you will see a Status Widget above your Tasks. With Workflows, you determine each stage (“Status”) of a project, and automatically generate the tasks necessary to move the project to the next stage. Once all of those tasks are marked done, the project will move to the next Status, and generate the next set of tasks.


Beneath tasks is the Chat Widget, where you can create threaded conversations, @mention team members, and attach files relevant to a specific conversation. If the conversation is closed, you can even archive your thread, to keep your project hub clean.


Beneath that is tags, for easy organization. You can find all tags in your Company under Admin > Tags.

In addition to the main view, you also have multiple widgets tabbed next to Details.


You can upload files from your computer or the web, and get an instantly shareable link that’s visible to those even without a Gryffin account.

If any files are uploaded to your project, you will see the number of files displayed in green over the tab icon:


Under Messages, you can see all emails related to a project. You can attach emails directing from your inbox by integrating your inbox—you’ll be automatically prompted to do so when you click on Inbox in the left menu.

Once attached, the email will appear here. You can also compose or reply to emails directly from your Project hub.


Associations allow you to attach projects to each other to track related work.

Click Associate Project to find or create another project:

Additional Widgets

You can find addition widgets under the More tab on the right side of your main panel.

These include:

  • Calendar View is like your Workspace calendar, displaying dates, tasks, meetings, and milestones for this particular project.
  • Feed view will show all project activity.
  • Milestones lets you set track important dates and compare where your work is at, to where it should be.
  • If you enable Advanced Features, such as Billing (project expense tracking) and SEO (keyword integration), they will also appear here.

Don’t need a widget? You can choose to hide or show your widgets when you customize your Workspace.

Now you know how Gryffin works—it’s time to get your team on board!

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