Admins: Getting Started Guide

Learn how to set up your company and use Gryffin to organize your team.

Set Up Your Company

  • Understand How Gryffin Works

Gryffin is designed to help you grow, and grow with you. Read this quick breakdown of how Gryffin is structured and how it makes it easy to scale and track your workload:

  • Workspaces: A workspace is a collection of projects that follow a similar template. The default view is a table—think of it like a spreadsheet, where you can create and track an unlimited number of projects. You’ll see your list of workspaces in your left menu. You can group workspaces together to keep your menu nice and clean.
  • Projects: In your project hub, you can access all the details of a project. You can assign tasks, upload files, attach emails, chat with your team, track invoices and expenses, and so much more.
  • Tasks: Tasks are connected to your projects. In each project hub, you can see what tasks are pending and what tasks have been marked done.
  • Workflows: Workflows are a series of tasks that take a project from start to finish. With automated workflows, each task is linked to the project’s status; as you mark tasks done, the project moves from one status to the next, automatically generating new tasks as it goes.

  • Add Your First Workspace

1. Install a Workspace from Our Template Library

We have a library of pre-built modules and workspaces, complete with ready-to-go templates and automated workflow. You can search the library, or narrow your search by category:

Set Up Your Company

Select the module you want and you’ll be able to see descriptions of the module and workspaces, as well as the project templates and example projects for the workspace.

Set Up Your Company

You can install the entire module, or select individual workspace template and add it to an existing module:

Set Up Your Company
Once installed, you’ll be taken to your new workspace (or the first workspace in your module), where you can start working instantly.

2. Add a New Module

To add a brand new module, go to Admin > Modules, and click the Set Up Your Company button in the top-right.

Set Up Your Company

Enter the name of your module (and description, if it will helpful for you or your team members). Hit OK to save.

You’ll be prompted to create your first workspace. Hit Yes to create your workspace.

Set Up Your Company

If you hit Cancel, you’ll be taken back to the module page; you’ll now see your new module in your module list. On your module page, you can:

  • Set Up Your Company  Drag-n-drop to arrange your list of modules in the left menu
  • Set Up Your Company Choose your module icon
  • Set Up Your Company Edit your module name
  • Set Up Your Company Archive your module
  • Set Up Your Company Delete your module
  • Set Up Your Company Click to create, edit, and arrange your workspaces within that module

  • Customize Your Workspace

When you create a new workspace, you’re also creating the template for all projects within that space.

Watch the video above (4 minutes), or read on:

There are three ways to create a new workspace:

  • Create one as prompted when you add a module
  • Go to Admin > Modules, choose your module and click on Edit Workspaces. You’ll be taken to the Workspace page, where you can click the Set Up Your Company button in the top-right.
  • Take a shortcut! Open up your chosen’s modules drop-down in the left menu, and click Set Up Your Company

To begin, enter the name of your module, and a description if it will helpful for you or your team members. Hit Continue to fields.

Set Up Your Company

“Fields” is where you will build your project template. You’ll see the types of fields you can add on the right, including Text, Category, Date, Users, and more.

Simply click on the type of field to add it to your template, where you can also change the name of the field.

Set Up Your Company

You can add as many fields as necessary, in any combination. You can drag and drop to rearrange.

For fields like categories and checklists, you add preset options directly in the template.

Set Up Your Company

You can also customize individual fields. For example, you can change whether a text field is a single line of text, or multi-line with a rich text editor.

Click on the three-dot icon to open up options.

Set Up Your Company

Once you’ve added all your fields, click on the next step “Widgets.” Here you’ll be to add or remove the additional features based on your needs for this particular workspace

Set Up Your Company

Once done, click Save.

  • Automating Your Workflows

After creating your template, you’ll create your default Automated Workflow.

Set Up Your Company

The default workflow for is:

  • Pending
  • In Progress
  • Under Review
  • Pending Edits
  • Complete

You can hit Save to keep this workflow, or customize it to suit your company.

Creating/Editing a Status and Tasks

Each step of a workflow is defined by it’s status. In Gryffin, a status looks like this:

Set Up Your Company

There are three areas of each status:

Set Up Your Company

1. Status Name

  • Here you can add the name of the status. This will appear in your project hub and workspace.

2. Status Tasks

  • On the left is where you can add the corresponding tasks that need to be completed during this stage of the project.

Set Up Your Company

  • Task: The name of the task. You can use the tag {project_title} to automatically include the project name within the task name.
  • Due Date: The due date is based on the conditions you set, including…
    • +/- a set number from today
    • +/- a set number from the previous status completion date
    • +/- a set number from any “Date” field set in the Project Template
  • To: Who the task will be assigned to. This can be a specific team member in your company, or whoever is added to any “User” field set in the Project Template.
  • By: You can also choose who the task will be assigned by. (This is helpful if you’re bringing freelancers, third-parties, and/or clients into a single workflow, yet want to keep things confidential.) If this is left blank, it will be whoever marked the previous status complete.
  • You can add additional tasks to status using the greenSet Up Your Company button. You can add as many tasks as needed.**

3. Workflow Settings

Set Up Your Company

  • On Done: Once you’ve filled out all task details, choose what status is next in your workflow once all tasks have been marked Done.
  • First Status Flow: Mark this and the status will be the default first status whenever you select this workflow.
  • Milestone: Mark this, and the status and it’s expected due date will be automatically generated in the Milestones widget, if enabled.
  • Approval Status: If a task requires approval or review, you can mark here, and you will see two options allowing you to select different statuses, for On Approve and On Reject:

Set Up Your Company

  • **Note that you can only have one task on an approval status.

To add a new status, click the green button.Set Up Your Company When done, hit Save.

You’ll be taken directly to your new workspace!

  • Editing Your Workspace

If you need to edit your workspace at any time, you can return to Admin > Modules > Edit Workspaces.

Set Up Your Company

You’ll see your list of workspaces, and icons where you can:

  • Set Up Your Company Modify the project template for your workspace.
  • Set Up Your Company Edit and add new automated workflows.
  • Set Up Your Company Create a web form that turns your project template into a form that anyone can fill out and have their data automatically entered as a new project.
  • Set Up Your Company Edit your workspace permissions.
  • Set Up Your Company Move your workspace to another module.
  • Set Up Your Company Archive your workspace to hide it from your left menu. (You can always unarchive it later!)
  • Set Up Your Company Delete your workspace. (Note that deletion is permanent, and data is not recoverable!)

SHORTCUT: If you’re already in the workspace you want to edit, you can use the three-dot menu button () in the top-right corner, where you can select what you’d like to modify.

Set Up Your Company

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