Admins: Getting Started Guide

Learn how to set up your company and use Gryffin to organize your team.

Your Integrated Inbox: Turn Discussion Into Action

Throughout your day you have your eye on your inbox. The final step of your daily workflow is to make sure that any emails that come in from clients or team members are assigned to their corresponding project, and responded to in a timely manner.

Gryffin Inbox

You can use Gryffin’s inbox, which functions the same as a regular inbox.

You’ll be prompted to connect your inbox when you first click on Inbox in your left menu:

Sign in via Google by entering your email and password, then clicking Allow to allow Gryffin to integrate your inbox.

Your Gryffin inbox will now be a mirror of your Gmail inbox. You can read and reply to emails, compose new emails, label and put emails into folders. All changes made in your Gryffin inbox will be reflected in Gmail and vice versa.

To attach an email to a project, click the Attach button next to the email.

You can find an existing project or even create a new project right in your inbox.

Chrome Extension

The Chrome extension allows you to attach emails without leaving your Gmail inbox.

When you hover over an email in Gmail, you’ll see a list of icons on the right side

Hit the attach button  to bring up the widget which will allow you to attach the email by finding an existing project or creating a new project.

Once an email has been attached, you will see a small icon beside the email in your inbox. When you open the email, a panel on the left side will list the project(s), which you can click to take you directly the project.

When you go to the project, you’ll now see a copy of that email in the project itself. You can reply or compose a new email directly from the project.

Any reply to the original email attached via the Chrome extension will also be automatically attached to the project.

  • Your Daily Workflow – Optimized!

By using a combination of your Task Manager, Calendar, Feed, Notifications, and Inbox Integration, you can make sure that you are staying on task and following all of the different projects that you are in charge of or part of your pipeline.

Gryffin gives you all the tools you need to stay on top of everything, and keep up with your team members and deadlines.

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