Admins: Getting Started Guide

Learn how to set up your company and use Gryffin to organize your team.

Adding & Customizing Workspaces

Learn how to easily create new Workspaces and customize them to fit your company’s needs!

  • Adding a New Workspace

There are two ways to add a new Workspace to your company.

1. Install a Module from Our Template Library

In your left menu, Go to Admin > Template Library.

We have a library of pre-built workspaces and groups, complete with ready-to-go templates. You can search the library, or narrow your options by choosing an industry or category:

Click on a group to see the Workspaces. You can see descriptions, as well as the project templates, and example templates for each workspace:

Depending on your needs, you can install the entire group or a single workspace. When selecting a single workspace, you can add it directly to your left menu, or add it to an existing workspace group.

Once installed, you’ll be taken to your new workspace (or the first workspace in your module), where you can start working instantly.

You can come back to the library at any time to install a new group or workspace.

2. Add a New Custom Workspace

To create your own Workspace from scratch, you can go to Admin > Workspaces > , or go to the Template Library and select Create Your Own.

You’ll be walked through the Workspace Configuration page, where you can edit your workspace…

  • Settings
  • Visibility
  • Template
  • Any other Advanced Features you have installed.


Enter the name of your Workspace, and a description if it will be helpful for you or your team.

With Visibility, you can set who is able to see the Workspace:

  • Public (Everyone)
  • Private (Only You)*
  • Restricted (Select Users)

*Only Admins and Managers can create new Workspaces and as such have their own Private Workspaces.

Below that is Widgets, where you can turn widgets on or off based on what you need for this particular Workspace. If you use a widget and turn it off, but then decide to turn it on again later, your data will be saved.

Once done, click the next table: Templates.


This is where you will build your project template. You’ll see the types of fields you can add on the left, including Text, Category, Date, Users, and more.

Simply click on the type of field and drag it onto your template.

You can add as many fields as necessary, in any combination. You can also change the name of each field.

Many fields have More Options that allow you to further customize:


Control what the people in your company can see down to the field!

With Permissions, you can choose fields are editable, read-only, or hidden for different user roles (Managers, Users, and Clients). You can also choose to hide widgets for the roles as well:

**This is an Advanced Feature that must be enabled in the Gryffin Marketplace. If not enabled, this tab will not appear.

Once you’ve customized each tab of your Workspace, click Save!

  • Customizing Your Workspace

After creating your Workspace, you may want to edit the template, move it into a Group, change the order of your left nav menu, etc,

You can do all of this by going to Admin > Workspaces.

You’ll see your list of Workspace Groups and Workspaces:

Click on the button in the top right corner of the screen to create a New Group or New Workspace.

You can drag and drop to arrange your Groups, and the Workspaces within Groups (note that you can’t drag Workspaces to another Group – to do that, use the Change Group button )

Other options include:

  • (left of the Workspace name) Choose your Workspace / Group icon
  •  Configure your Workspace
  •  Change your Workspace’s Group (or add an ungrouped Workspace to a Group)
  • Archive your Group or Workspace (You can always unarchive it later!)
  •  Delete your Group or Workspace )Deletion is permanent, and data is not recoverable!)

Choose Configure Your Workspace to go to your Workspace page.

SHORTCUT: If you’re already in the workspace you want to edit, you can use the menu button () in the top-right corner, and select Configure Workspace.

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