Best Digital Editorial Content Calendar Tool

Power Up Your Content Pipeline

With Gryffin’s new Editorial Calendar, you can effortlessly create, track, and optimize
your editorial strategy from planning to publication.

Easy Marketing

Build a Better Editorial Calendar

With Gryffin you can conceptualize and build multi-channel content calendars and easily track the creation process—all in one streamlined platform.

  • Use the drag-and-drop Editorial Calendar to map out your editorial strategy.
  • Track data including personas, buying stages, themes, and more.
  • Custom templates to create different content types.

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Targeted Content

Create Better Quality (and Better Targeted!) Content

Our SEO integration allows you to track your keywords and optimize your content for the best performance possible.

  • Import your keyword lists and create keyword groups.
  • Track keywords by client.
  • Get and SEO widget for content templates to track meta-data.

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Manage Content Marketing on Any Scale

Gryffin was designed to help marketers quickly and easily grow their production—perfect for content marketers with fluctuating client demands.

  • Easily get a micro- and macro-view of your operations.
  • Automate tasks to improve workflow and productivity.
  • Easily onboard freelance content producers.

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