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Manage your marketing campaigns.

Every successful digital marketing campaign needs a solid strategy to plan, produce and analyze content. Gryffin’s Editorial Calendar builder allows you to create a systematic content strategy that is effortless to track and implement.

Build and Manage
your Content Strategy

Gryffin’s drag and drop editorial calendar builder allows you to bring people, processes and technology together to create an effective content strategy – at scale.

Integrate Keywords into
your Content Strategy

With Gryffin, you can use our SEMrush and Google Search Console integration to identify “low hanging fruit” keywords.  Don’t guess what keywords will have a positive impact on your campaigns.  Instead, use data to drive your content creation efforts and to maximize your investment into content marketing.

These keywords can be straightforwardly transformed into work orders (projects) to create new content or optimize existing one.  Once the content is live, you can measure their impact by setting up experiments.

Create Workspaces and Workflows for Different Content Types

Whether you are just writing blog articles or are creating videos, infographics, ebooks, or more in-depth content pieces, it’s important that you have the right steps in place for each type of project to keep them moving forward.  With Gryffin, you can create a custom workspaces for each type of content.  This will make the production process much easier as the workflow will be created specifically for the content type.

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