Remote Project Management: Tools & Tips to Improve Engagement

Remote project management tools can make or break team engagement

If you’ve spent any time working remotely, you’re almost certainly familiar with remote project management tools. These tools can help you communicate with the rest of your team, organize your files… but what about tools that actively improve your (and your team’s) engagement?

Working from home involves exposure to a great many distractions. Your family is likely to be a source of distraction (not that they’re unwelcome… usually.) There are also the typical day-to-day experiences of being at home: pets that need attention, people at the door, phone calls to the house, etc. And the causes aren’t always external: it’s easy to come up with your own ways to procrastinate on occasion. Hey, you’re only human, right?

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How to Build Project Status Report Templates with Gryffin

Project Status Report Template

Nothing’s hard than tracking the status of your projects across teams, offices, clients, campaigns, and deadlines. How do you keep an eye on all that information, let alone keep it organized, cohesive, and—most importantly—on track?

Gryffin’s robust Reports feature makes it easy to build project status report templates that can be used to track your data continuously. These templates can be used to create custom reports that will keep you on the pulse of your project deadlines, team activities, and even company expenses.

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How to Handle Project Management Accounting (When You’re Not a CPA)

Project Management Accounting

Project managers are often required to wear many hats: project accountant is one of them. Keeping track of project expenses is one thing, but true project management accounting— analyzing transactional flows, predicting and managing risk—can be a daunting prospect.

Let’s take a look at how you can handle project management accounting, even if you’re not a CPA.

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Automation to AI: Project Management Tools of the Future

AI Project Management Tools

When we think of project management tools today, we think of advanced platforms like Gryffin that use automation to make our jobs easier and more efficient. But while the phrase “project management” might be relatively new, the concept goes back to antiquity.

Imagine traveling back in time a few thousand years to ancient Mesopotamia. The hot technology shaking up the business world in those days? The abacus. And that was sort of an early project management tool, after a fashion—a “modern” way to keep count beyond our fingers and toes, revolutionizing how we tracked bags of grain and heads of cattle.

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What Is Legal Project Management? | Does My Practice Need LPM?

What Is Legal Project Management

For lawyers and legal professionals, anything that polarizes uncertainty is a good thing. So here’s a binary statement for you: legal project management is a good thing.

Efficiency is always preferred over chaos. Always. It doesn’t matter what avenue of professional life you’re walking down or what field you’re in. Retail, construction, medicine, finance, efficiency is something every working person should strive toward. And that statement is as true in the legal realm as it is anywhere else. Perhaps even more so, given how high the stakes can be.

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100+ Project Management & Productivity Statistics You Should Know

productivity statistics

Investing in project management software is a big decision, even if you’re using a platform as cost-effective as Gryffin. As a business owner or executive, it’s important you always complete your due diligence, researching various platforms to ensure their quality.

It’s to that end that we decided to compile a list of more than 100 valuable project management and productivity statistics you should know, organized into various categories for your convenience.

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Virtual Team-Building: Team Management Tools & Exercises for Telecommuters

Building a team made of remote workers is a challenge for many project managers. It’s hard to create a sense of community when employees are never together in the same office. It can also make people feel isolated, disconnected from what is happening in the company.

And yet, you know that allowing your team to work from home, including in another time zone, has concrete advantages. You aren’t going to give you on it.

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How to Build a Comprehensive Editorial Calendar Template with Gryffin

Editorial Calendar Template

Content is king, right? Which makes every marketer out there his dedicated subject. From the smallest dental practice to the largest multinational corporation, every marketing team is working diligently to create tantalizing content to improve their traffic from Google.  So what can you do to stay focused, strategic, and ahead of the curve?

In this article, we’ll take you through a step by step approach to create an editorial strategy that is focused on your audience’s purchase journey, capitalizes on opportunity gaps, and is both systematic and methodical.

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Launching a New Website? Project Management Software to Get You Started

Website Project Management Software

Creating a new website can be both fun and overwhelming. Fun because you have a blank slate: you’re free to get as creative you want, with each new page holding the promise of possibility and opportunity.

However, that same blank slate can be equally scary: the amount of work that goes into successfully launching a new website is daunting at first.

Having a thorough project plan is vital for any successful new website, but you should also be using website project management software to keep your project on track start to finish.

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