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Gryffin vs. Asana vs. Trello: Everything You Need to Know

best project management platform

Choosing the best project management platform is a key component of building and maintaining a top-performing team. Asana and Trello are big names in the market, but there are other key players emerging in the industry that could provide you with a suitable alternative.

What is the Best Project Management Software?

Every team is unique with a different set of tools, benchmarks, and objectives. To ensure that your team is reaching their full potential, pick a project management platform that can be customized to your specific business goals.

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Why You Should Use Collaboration Software For Marketing

Collaboration Software For Marketing

No matter the size of the task, effective collaboration is necessary if you want to achieve project benchmarks and maximize your marketing efforts. Without being able to communicate openly and seamlessly across your team, it’s nearly impossible to meet deadlines without details slipping through the cracks.

Take a look at a few of the main reasons why using collaboration software for marketing can help your business thrive.

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Marketing Project Management Software

marketing project management software

Anyone that is in the marketing business, especially online marketing, understands that there are many moving parts that are all constantly changing and evolving. It’s hard to make existing project management platforms match marketing needs. Basecamp, Asana, Monday – are great platforms in their own right, but don’t take into consideration the specific needs of marketers. With many simultaneous processes, marketers need workflow automation software designed for marketing professionals.

This software needs to feel like a seamless fit, it shouldn’t need heavy adjustments or numerous management systems in order to meet marketing firms needs. Ideally, project management software for marketers would feel natural to use and automate many of the processes that are currently being performed manually. Ideally, it should also be integrated into reporting systems and allow for marketing teams to meet deadlines, client expectations, and deliverables.

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Finding the Right Marketing Automation Platform for your Business

marketing automation platform

Using unorganized processes can do more than just add frustration to your team. Without a strong marketing automation platform, you risk losing time, information, approvals, and more. 

To maximize the performance of your automation program, consider platforms that offer a comprehensive suite of services that include:

  • Content management capabilities
  • Accounts and expensing
  • Customizable notifications
  • User dashboard
  • Securely stored files
  • Project timelines
  • Task assigning features

Keep reading to learn more about how your marketing automation platform can revolutionize your team’s workflows

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How to Choose a Workflow Management Tool to Optimize your Business

workflow management

Every business has specific processes they follow to get things done.  Unfortunately, many of these processes are stored in managers’ heads or written into manuals and flow charts. This isn’t always effective and can waste time and money.

In today’s world, process management should not be complicated, rigid, or boring. Workflow management makes following processes easy, increasing collaboration and reducing errors.

The ability to create replicable systems in a crucial element that limits many marketing teams. When there are personnel changes, there aren’t strong training manuals so new personnel take a long time to train and work efficiently. Personnel changes, onboarding team members, scaling to grow can become expensive and tedious, slowing down your company’s growth potential.

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Marketing Automation Systems: Finding the Best All-in-one Platform

marketing automation systems

Marketing teams may juggle multiple software platforms to manage different functions and needs. Mailchimp may be used to distribute newsletters or mass emails. Another software may be used to manage media contacts. Yet another could track SEO results.

Multiple systems mean that information is scattered across many different platforms. Some team members may have access to all, while others might have no access at all.

Communication drives success, and marketing automation systems serve as a master resource that holds all the tools necessary to optimize results, successfully manage current client needs and drive new business.

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Online Marketing Template Library from Gryffin

online marketing templates

When you sign up for Gryffin, you get access to a library of ready-to-go templates for a variety of projects. Each template comes with…

  • A Workspace where you can create and track unlimited projects, and easily scale your operations
  • A Workflow of automated tasks that are generated for each stage of your project. 

This hasn’t changed, but we’re excited to announce our Template Library has gotten a facelift, introducing a new focus and new features that make our templates even more functional.

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Maximize Productivity with Workflow Automation Software

workflow automation software

Workflows, as any good manager will tell you, are the only reason anything ever gets done on time. Without them, business processes function entirely on guesswork and intuition, which can get the job done but in a grossly inefficient manner.

Precious working days are lost in just coordinating between the various departments and the teams responsible for the different aspects of a project, with the smallest of missteps causing serious setbacks that delay delivery.

In this day and age, with widespread availability of software tools to streamline and automate everything, there’s simply no reason for this to be delaying your team’s progress. Workflow automation software is no exception, with a plethora of services existing to make managing even the most complex of workflows a breeze.

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How Artificial Intelligence Can Improve Project Management

artificial intelligence project management

With the help of artificial intelligence, project management software can revolutionize productivity and how teams work.

From automating workflows, to identifying project lags, to increasing auditing and oversight capabilities, combining AI with project management shows tremendous promise to reduce wasted spend due to low productivity.

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How to Build a Basic Project Management Template

Project Management Template

Project templates are a staple of efficient business processes. Project templates give your work structure: they ease the start of any new project and guide you through the execution of your work.

A good project management template should also help improve your workflow; the more you use it, the more you can identify bottlenecks, fine-tune your processes, and improve your template.

Project management templates don’t need to be complicated, either. Whether it’s excel templates, kanban board, or one of Gryffin’s automated templates, a basic project management template can go a long way to improving your efficiency.

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