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Asana Alternatives for Marketing Project Management

Asana Alternatives for Marketing Project Management

Most marketing agencies will eventually try to use some form of project management tool. As tasks backup and projects become more complex, it isn’t really possible to track them manually. Ideally, a good project management software will not only help you to get things into a manageable system but will also help to make your business more productive and profitable.

The initial stage of researching for a project management solution will almost always reveal Asana, one of the most popular platforms in this space.  From initial impressions, Asana can come across as a clean drag and drop task management system. It seems like a simple and straightforward option.  However, there are many features it lacks that can make the reality of managing complex projects or campaigns very difficult and cumbersome.

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Time Management Techniques for Marketing Agencies

Time Management Techniques for Marketing Agencies

While the old saying that time is money rings true to anyone in business, mismanagement of time also causes stress, delays, headaches, and errors from rushing to meet deadlines. If you are working in a marketing agency, you have likely experienced at least some of these issues.

Time management is behind many of the prime issues that marketing agencies face daily. If time isn’t managed properly, then everything becomes more difficult. Customers also demand quality and reliable services, especially where marketing is concerned. When deadlines are missed or mistakes made, it doesn’t look good to clients.

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Do Small Businesses Need Marketing Automation?

marketing automation platforms

Honing your company’s marketing plan is one of the most effective ways to increase your market share. But, marketing tasks are often tedious, repetitive, and time-consuming.

Marketing automation has continued to grow as an industry over time, and it’s still a mainstay solution for big and small companies.

No matter the size of your enterprise, marketing automation software is a simple, low-cost productivity solution. Keep reading to learn more about how marketing automation is especially effective for small companies.

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What are the Best Basecamp Project Management Alternatives?

basecamp project management

Looking for the right project management software, but feeling overwhelmed with the number of options on the market?

Using a project management solution is a simple way to increase your team’s output volume, speed up production, organize upcoming deadlines, streamline operational processes, and improve communication.

Basecamp might be one of the industry’s leading names, but there are some Basecamp project management alternatives you should also consider.

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Marketing Automation Software Features You Need in 2020

A marketing team meeting with vector graphics related to communications tasks

As a manager or agency owner, you’re juggling so many priorities and assignments at once that you can’t keep them all straight. You have that lunch meeting with a client today; or  is it tomorrow? The creative team is hammering out a new infographic. Have they finished it yet? And your PR team is busy reaching out to influencers to try to get the on board with the new campaign. Has anyone committed or even responded?  Are your monthly deliverables moving along, or are you behind on some campaigns?

There are so many details to track, so many tasks to assign and so many pieces everywhere. You really just want to head to the nearest Mexican restaurant and grab a margarita. Or two.

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Signs Your Workflow Management is Failing…Big Time!

Signs Your Workflow Management is Failing

Another new client has signed on, and you know the drill. The team meets to brainstorm messaging, discuss rankings and SEO as well as other efforts to boost the client’s online image and visibility. 

Once the details are mapped out, and the client gives the go ahead, everyone hits the ground running. At least that’s the way it’s supposed to happen. But somehow somewhere, the whole project falls apart.

What went wrong? Chances are that the glitch was related to how the agency handles workflow management. One misstep can threaten an entire campaign, and managers need to identify issues before they threaten to sabotage the project.

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Wrike Software Alternatives

Sick of stressing over confusing software? There are other options!

If you’re having issues with Wrike and looking for a better solution, or, if you’ve never tried Wrike but are on the hunt for project management software, make sure to consider Gryffin. Our project management platform does everything Wrike can, better than Wrike can. Plus, it adds new features into the mix that you won’t find with Wrike or any other software program.

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Looking for the Best Marketing Automation Software?

marketing automation software

Even small businesses in the market segment are likely to be in the need of automating some of their repetitive tasks and processes. Marketing is a competitive field, so it is important to consistently deliver quality to all of your clients, regardless of size or complexity. Automation helps make this level of service realistic and scalable.

Once you start to develop a customer base, it is a good idea to look into how to make workflows more efficient. As you have already discovered this article, chances are that you are already at this point and wanting more simplification and organization.

Marketing automation software provides that and more. It is specifically designed to make the lives of marketing professionals easier. With this kind of system in place, productivity and efficiency should also increase, resulting in higher incomes.

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How to Make Marketing Workflow Software Work for Your Company

A marketing firm meets to discuss SEO analytics, with graphics seen on the computer screen.

Marketing endeavors can become a digital heap of press releases, blog articles, videos, and infographics all topped off with a long list of follow-ups aimed at influencers and editors. Behind every project is a team of creators, some tasked with writing, others in charge of outreach, and perhaps a group of freelancers to cover what’s left over.  Hidden in the wave of the creative flow and project chaos are the managers who oversee the big picture.

The endless stream of tasks can spiral into a whirlpool of responsibilities. So how do you keep up with this seemingly never-ending flow of information and task assignments? If you’re still plugging away at decades-old spreadsheets, maybe it’s time to embrace the marketing life raft known as workflow software

When you need to streamline the project flow to avoid the wave of tasks pulling your team under, here’s how to make workflow software work for your company.

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What are the Best Asana Alternatives for Project Management?

Asana Project Management offers some good options, but are they really enough

A lot of people use Asana as their project management software and, unfortunately for these people, they’re missing out- big time. Asana is a fairly generic system that is based on creating static projects that are essentially lists of tasks.

However, Asana is lacking many features that can be used by teams to enhance productivity.  From not including any ability to track expenses to not allowing any dynamic creation of projects, it’s essentially nothing but a glorified task list.

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