Case Studies From the US Hispanic Market

hispanic seo marketing strategy

Few markets in the world are growing quite like the hispanic demographic in the United States.  With the recent changes in immigration policy and improved diplomatic relations with Cuba, we can only expect a larger presence of hispanic culture in the years to come.  But for how much Latin Americans contribute to the economy and the global market, there is a shocking lack of marketing campaigns targeted toward hispanic consumers.

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Adwords Scripts: Streamlining PPC Optimization for Quick and Easy Conversions

adwords ppc scripts

When it comes to PPC management, I’m perplexed by how little there is out there about Adwords Scripts. There are few people talking about them, fewer people writing scripts, and even fewer sharing.  I’m flabbergasted by the lack of information out there; a problem which the team at Gryffin Media hopes to remedy.

Using Adwords Scripts can COMPLETELY change how you run and optimize your adwords campaigns.  Most people either settle for poor management, or choose to pay expensive tools to help keep their campaigns performing.  With adwords scripts, you can set up a scalable, affordable system for adwords management that doesn’t require ongoing monthly payments.

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How Competitive Research turns Raw Data into New Sales Opportunities

competitive link research

How many links will it take for my site to rank? What strategy do I implement to get top rankings for my keywords?  If I had a grape for every time I heard this question, I’d be the happy owner of a lovely vineyard by now.

My answer to this question is unequivocally the same: It depends.  It depends on the keywords you want to rank for.  It depends on how many backlinks you currently have.  It depends on your competitors strengths and weaknesses.  It depends on your site’s user engagement stats.  It depends on the amount and quality of content on your site.   It depends on the quality of your current backlink profile, how many authoritative links you have, and how many are low quality links that need to be disavowed.

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A Step by Step Guide to Designing and Promoting Breathtaking Infographics

infographic design promotion outreach

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A Comprehensive Guide to Multilingual & Multinational SEO

multinational seo best practices
  1. 1. Introduction
  2. 2. The International Search Landscape
  3. 3. Planning, Research, Resources and Goals: Laying your Foundation
    1. a. Is your business ready to go international?
    2. b. What are your available resources?
    3. c. Does your business have an international audience?
    4. d. What are your company’s goals for your international presence?
  4. 4. What are some Known International Ranking Signals?
  5. 5. What are your Targeting Objectives
    1. a. Language Targeting
    2. b. Country-specific Targeting
  6. 6. Determine your International Site Structure
    1. a. The pros and cons of ccTLD’s
    2. b. The pros and cons of Subdomains
    3. c. The pros and cons of Subdirectories
  7. 7.What structure should you choose?
    1. a. Should you focus on Language or Geographic Targeting?
    2. b. Best Case Scenario for Geographic Targeting
    3. c. Subdirectories: The Next Best Thing
    4. d. What about Subdomains?
    5. e. Plan for Scalability!
  8. 8. Why Localized Professional Translations are a Must!
  9. 9. Serving the God of UX: Elements of Successful International Usability
    1. a. Translate your URL’s
    2. b. Link your Country/Language versions visibly on every page of the site(s)
    3. c. Use unique Titles, Descriptions, and Headings
    4. d. Include Local Contact and Support Information
    5. e. Use Google’s Local Business Center
    6. f. Use Country-Specific Currency
    7. g. All of Navigational Elements and Images should be translated
    8. h. Optimize Images and Alt tags
    9. i. Comments and Reviews
  10. 10. How to Prevent Duplicate Content Issues and Penalties
    1. a. Geo targeting in Webmaster Tools
    2. b. Use Hreflang Tags to Avoid Duplicate Content
      1. i. Create a separate sitemap for each country targeted site/section
      2. ii. Start by Creating a Spreadsheet Grouping Translations or Localizations into sets
      3. iii. Create an XML Site Map with your URL’s grouped into Sets
      4. iv. Using the Right Country and Language (ISO) Codes
      5. v. Using X-Default
      6. vi. Using Tools to Create your XML Site Maps
      7. vii. Hreflang Summary
    3. c. What about Canonical Tags?
  11. 11. Content Marketing and Link Earning
    1. a. Content Marketing
    2. b. Outreach for Link Earning
    3. c. Earn Local Links
    4. d. Earn links in the Targeted Language
    5. e. Competitor Analysis
    6. f. Promote your content via Social Media and Paid Amplification
  12. 12. Tracking your International Marketing Efforts
  13. 13. Best Practices: Do’s and Don’ts of International SEO
  14. 14. Conclusion: Go Forth and Internationalize!

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A Step by Step Guide to a Successful Pinterest Marketing Strategy

Pinterest Marketing
  1. 1. Intro
    1. 1. Pinterest by the Numbers
    2. 2. Understanding Pinterest
  2. 2 Part 1: Setting up your Pinterest Account
  1. 1. Optimizing Your Website For Pinterest
  2. 2. Optimize your images for Pinterest
  3. 3. Creating Boards
  4. 4. Start Pinning
  1. 3. Part 2: Crafting Your Perfect Pinterest Marketing Strategy
  1. 1. Set Measurable Goals
  2. 2. Define a Content Strategy
  3. 3. Pinterest Etiquette
  1. 4. Part 3: Grow your Pinterest Followers
  2. 5. Part 4: The Power of Collaborative Boards
  3. 6. Part 5: How to Rank on Pinterest
  4. 7. Part 6: Pinterest Analytics
  1. 1. Tailwind
  2. 2. Google Analytics
  1. 8. Part 7: Ready to Get Started? 

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Google AdWords Audit Guide

google adwords audit tool

Continually auditing your AdWords account is integral to making sure that you are both getting as many clicks and conversions as possible, and adjusting your account to fit your evolving business and website.

With this guide, you will be able to look through your account(s) and determine what is causing you to lose conversions, whether there is waste in your account, and where there can be improvements.

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