We Wanted to Grow… So We Built a Way.

Here’s our secret: Gryffin wasn’t built as a project management product. Gryffin was built by a digital marketing agency with a team of creative, forward-thinking individuals who were using one too many tools and were one step away from pulling out our hair trying to keep operations synchronized and sustainable.

We were sick of trying to find ways to grow without losing efficiency and profitability. Led by globally recognized speaker, entrepreneur, and digital marketing veteran Marcela De Vivo, we set out to build a platform that would support scalable operations to meet any need imaginable. That’s how Gryffin came to be.

See how our success can become your own.

Who We Are

Gryffin is what happens when the left-brain and right-brain fight, make up, then produce something beautiful. Used by professionals, developers, and creatives, Gryffin is for everyone.

What We Do

Gryffin puts the fun back in functional. Our platform is incredibly advanced yet very easy to use, empowering teams of all sizes to put their best work forward. Learn more about our features.

What Can't We Do?

Nothing. That's just how awesome we are. Need a custom feature? We've probably developed it, you just can't see it yet. Contact us and we'll work with you to build what you need.

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