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29 Dec 2014
Self-Driving Car

The Revolutionary Self-Driving Car

The Commute The daily trip to the office is difficult for many reasons – be it the fatigue, or the early morning strain of holding your cup of coffee while finding your keys to lock the house. But something most people can agree upon is that the absolute worst part of getting to work in […]

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05 Dec 2014
Panda Audit

15 Reasons to Start the New Year with a Panda Audit

Would you leave the door to your house unlocked when you know you live in a dangerous neighborhood widely known for robberies?  Never, right? So why do so many marketers ignore the potential of a Panda penalty?  The Google Panda penalty police is on the loose, actively seeking out “offenders”, freely handing out Penalty cards […]

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01 Dec 2014
Youtube Rankings

Streaming Loud and Clear: How to Boost Your Youtube Rankings

When comparing the various mediums of online consumption, Youtube videos take very large piece of the pie. Over 3 billion videos are watched every day, and make up a third of all online activity. It therefore comes as no surprise that Youtube is considered the #2 search engine in the world. This makes it an […]

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28 Nov 2014
Blog Content

The Gryffin Guide to Readable, Shareable Blog Content

Part I: Developing Quality Content Is There A Clear Structure? Outline your article Delineate your principal ideas Make sure your structure is solid Is it Compelling/Shareable? Lead With A Hook Identify Angles and Opportunities Be Original Speak with Authority Always Research Understand Your Intention Is It Relevant? Know Your Audience Pay Attention to Keywords Follow […]

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01 Oct 2014
Keyword Research and Competitive Analysis

Keyword Research and Competitive Analysis

Tools Concept Creating a Comprehensive Keyword List Using SEMrush to Research and Improve Keywords Swiss Made Marketing Using SpyFu Creating an “All Terms List” Competitive Analysis Using Swiss Made Marketing For Competitive Analysis Using Link Research Tools for Competitive Analysis The Nuts and Bolts of Competitor Analysis Competitive Analysis For AdWords Creating a Mind Map […]

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29 Sep 2014
Social Media Etiquette

Social Media Etiquette Guide

We’re used to watching what we say –  and how we say it. Communication has always been one of the main modes we use in making connections, and t we’ve always had to be aware of how to we go about it. You were probably taught to be polite, to listen, but also engage – […]

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26 Sep 2014
Facebook Ad Campaigns

How to Run Successful Facebook Ad Campaigns

The Benefits of Advertising on Facebook Determine your Goals and KPI’s What Ad Types will Best Help you Achieve your KPI’s? Understanding your Audiences Custom Audiences Lookalike Audiences Existing Fans Specific Interest Targeting How to create Social Segments using Interest Targeting. Occupations and Employment Groups and Affiliations Books & Publications Other Websites Applications & Software […]

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10 Sep 2014
pinterest tips for business

Pinterest Tips For Business

Pinterest marketing is a game of honor. A game of endurance. A game of fabulous hair.   While the Colosseum was home to men and slaves, Pinterest is dominated by upper class women.  But in the end, whether you are a man or a woman, rich or poor, an artist or a cat lady, a lone Centurion or a […]

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22 Aug 2014
Google Office Hours 8-15-14

Google Office Hours

The following is a complete transcript of a Hangout on Air on August 15th with Google’s John Mueller.  It has been edited for readability. Are Videos considered a Signal of Quality? Does the Site:Search bring up ALL of the results for a site? If there are pages excluded from the Site:search, does it mean these […]

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