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24 Apr 2014
google plus view

Google Plus View

On March 31, Google Plus users experienced a big change in their profile view display. Rather than being able to see total +1s of a page, whether it be a business profile or a local page, users now see total page views. This can only mean one thing – size matters now more than ever. […]

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08 Apr 2014

Google Plus for Businesses

Most people try hard to ignore Google Plus and its benefits.  They forget that Google Plus is Google’s social spine, and that Google is adding more integrations by the month.  Local businesses HAVE to be on Plus if they want to show up on the Google Local.  What if they day comes when Google Search […]

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07 Feb 2014
google plus marketing strategy

Google Plus Marketing Strategy

Part 1: The Importance of Google Plus Introduction Google plus is one of the most unknown, under-utilized internet marketing tools available on the internet right now. It contains magical powers, like the ability to get your face to appear next to your search result listings in Google Search and the opportunity to network with thousands […]

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