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Linkedin Profile Optimization

Linkedin Profile Optimization

If all you want is a place to host your online resume, then LinkedIn is not the site you’re looking for.

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LinkedIn might be for professionals, but at its heart it is still a SOCIAL network, and it’s core value lies in the relationships you build by connecting and engaging with other users. Whether you’re looking to get hired as an individual or business, LinkedIn can help you further your professional goals and establish yourself as a skilled and competent member of the workforce.

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To that end, as a follow-up to our “Google Plus Wizard” infographic, we explore the deepest reaches of LinkedIn space and show you how to utilize the Force of Networking in “How To Become A LinkedIn Jedi”!

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With this guide, you’ll learn the “mind tricks” that will help your LinkedIn profile stand out. Did you know that using a professional photo makes your profile eleven times more likely to be viewed? As for company pages, those that provide additional information, such as with the new Showcase pages, are likely to have two times as many followers!

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But you need to go beyond just the profile. Taking advantage of tools such as LinkedIn Groups, Pulse, and Openlink, you can share and engage with content throughout LinkedIn and create a powerful network of colleagues, industry influencers, and potential employers or clients.

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Ready to get started, are you? The read on and learn how you too can master the force and become a LinkedIn Jedi!

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linkedin profile optimization

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