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How To Get Blog Readers

Thought you were done after hitting Publish? That was just 1/2 the job! Now you need to get out there and make some noise to promote your highly valuable content! Here’s how:

how to get blog readers

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Marcela De Vivo

marcela has been doing this for a long time. like, remember dial-up? she studied new media at pomona college, and, as a junior, started her first online business. the rest is history. when she’s not hard at work, she’s with her three kids breaking up fights or trying to get them to eat something healthy.

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  1. Ali Manning

    This is really useful information. I’m just setting up a new wordpress site and plan to use these tips when I’m up and running. Found your site via Problogger. Thanks!

  2. Dickie Engström

    Here we hear the chest-sound of experience! Great advice!

  3. Maegan Anderson

    Great tips guys! It’s so important to have an effective strategies if you want to make it more visible and to have a good outcome in posting your blog.

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