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Category: Analytics

21 Jul 2017
KPIs measure SEO

What KPIs Should I be Using to Measure my SEO Campaign

KPIs (key performance indicators) show you just how well your SEO campaigns are working. For instance, if you’re enjoying a boost in your domain authority, you’ll know that your SEO strategy works well. If your time on site increases, your content is on the right track. Essentially, your KPIs help determine what’s working and what […]

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22 Dec 2014
US Hispanic Market

Case Studies From the US Hispanic Market

Few markets in the world are growing quite like the hispanic demographic in the United States.  With the recent changes in immigration policy and improved diplomatic relations with Cuba, we can only expect a larger presence of hispanic culture in the years to come.  But for how much Latin Americans contribute to the economy and […]

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17 Nov 2014
Google Analytics

How to Become a Google Analytics Superhero

If you’ve ever run a Google Adwords campaign, chances are you used Google Analytics in harmony with your ads, to keep track of conversions, your sales funnels, and keyword ROI. Setting out on an adwords campaign without tracking your analytics is like throwing bundles of money into a dark room and hoping someone in there […]

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08 Oct 2014
Site Conversion & Tracking Protocol

Site & Conversion Tracking Protocol

How effective is your adwords campaign? What about your SEO? Can you differentiate between traffic and leads acquired  through each?  How would you like to know the exact ROI for your marketing dollars? Knowing how to track from all of your sources can be very complex.  Between Analytics, AdWords Conversions, AdWords remarketing, Facebook conversions and […]

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29 Jan 2014

Google Analytics Tutorial

Over the past month or so, I’ve been spending a lot of my time researching how a company can get the most of their SEO reports, more specifically from what we can see in Google Analytics(GA). And as far as mastering every tip and trick in the book, I’m far from it, but I can […]

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04 Mar 2013

Understanding Google Analytics Reports

Today’s guest post can be found over at In it I talk about how to Correlate Data from Analytics with your Site’s Keyword Rankings. How to Correlate Data from Analytics with your Site’s Keyword Rankings

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27 Feb 2013

Understanding Google Analytics

Analytics data in and of itself can be interesting, but you have to know what to do with the data to make it helpful. So what reports do you need to check on a daily, or weekly, basis to use Analytics data to reveal the pulse of your campaign? Keep reading and the world of […]

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29 Jan 2013

A Blueprint Action Plan to REALLY Start Using Analytics

For, I wrote an article about maximizing the data available through Google Analytics. A Blueprint Action Plan to REALLY Start Using Analytics I not only give the steps needed to follow in order to maximize Analytics, I also give you direct access to custom dashboards, segments, and reports. This article is everything I wish […]

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