19 May 2017

How Many Links Does My Site Need To Rank Well?

Ranking well on Google is key to successful digital marketing. However, Google’s habit of regularly updating its algorithm makes it tough to follow exactly what’s needed to rank well. One common point of contention among site owners is the number of links needed to earn a good ranking. Though as anyone with significant digital marketing […]

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17 May 2017

How to Optimize Blog Articles for On-Page SEO

What are the best practices to keep in mind when optimizing blog content for SEO?  You’ve probably heard a lot of conflicting advice.  In this article, we’ll go through on-page SEO best practices for optimizing blog content.  This will guarantee that you are hedging your bets for on-page relevance. When combined with a strong outreach […]

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12 May 2017
influencer marketing platform

A Comparison Guide to the Most Popular Influencer Marketing Platforms

Influencer marketing is one of the hottest ways to drive your content marketing strategy, and influencer marketing platforms are the key to success. The platforms allow companies to leverage key influencers that boost brand visibility while raising awareness about new products and services. The platforms also aim to make it easier for businesses to find […]

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21 Apr 2017
influencer campaigns

What are the Most Important KPIs to Measure for Influencer Campaigns?

Influencer campaigns are one of the most effective marketing tools for e-commerce businesses. But do you really know the best ways to maximize their effectiveness? When it comes to influencer campaigns, measuring your KPIs (or Key Performance Indicators) is an essential part of any strategy. Successful KPI measuring can have an astronomical impact on your […]

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14 Apr 2017
instagram influencer marketing

How to Use Instagram Influencer Marketing for your Business

Influencer marketing is an important part of your digital outreach strategy, but there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution. You have to make sure that your influencer marketing strategies are specific to the influencer’s medium of choice. Not all influencers excel at the same things. Take Instagram, for example—a massively powerful platform, but one […]

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07 Apr 2017
blogger outreach strategy

Everything You Need to Know about the Google Update Fred

Almost a month ago, Google sent shockwaves through the SEO world with another algorithm update. This time dubbing their changes “Google Fred.” Thus far we’ve seen Fred have a substantial impact on SEO. Any algorithm changes can drastically affect the SERPs, and Fred is keeping with that trend. Any business with an online presence needs […]

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17 Mar 2017

Pitch-Perfect: 5 Tips To Reach Out and Engage With Influencers

To maximize influencer outreach efforts, it is essential to know how to find and engage with influencers. This stage in your influencer marketing strategy is vital to your campaign’s success. Did you know that the ROI on influencer marketing is $6.85 to every dollar invested? You certainly want to identify the right influencers, with a […]

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03 Mar 2017
blogger outreach

10 Blogger Outreach Templates Proven to Work

When it comes to digital marketing, you need to reach out to people who can help promote your brand. In any successful content marketing campaign, many of these people should be influencers—usually bloggers who can spread awareness of your brand to a wider audience, and act as impartial third parties who endorse your content. Don’t […]

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24 Feb 2017

Why You Need Influencer Relations Marketing Now

Influencer relations marketing can have a big impact on your overall marketing strategy. When applied properly, influencer relations can boost brand awareness, cultivate rapport, and leverage sales from your target audience. Did you know 71 percent of marketers rate influencer relations marketing as a highly-tactical asset? The Top Rank Marketing and Traackr report surveyed by […]

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23 Feb 2017

Does Influencer Marketing Work?

There is no doubt that businesses, marketers, and SEOs are jumping on the influencer marketing bandwagon. Did you know that 84 percent of marketers are planning at least one influencer marketing campaign this year alone? According to a study by Tomoson, influencer marketing has an ROI of $6.50 for every dollar spent. Influencer marketing statistics […]

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