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Google Plus Marketing Strategy

Is  “Market your company on Google Plus” on your company’s New Year’s Resolutions list?  If not, it should be!

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Gryffin Media hosted a Google Hangout with Social Media Marketing expert Jesse Wojdylo, one of the individuals with the largest followings on Google Plus.  It’s not easy to have 1000 followers on Plus, let alone Jesse’s 500K + followers.  In this Hangouts on Air, Jesse shared invaluable information and advice for you how to create and implement a Google Plus Marketing strategy.

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Few people have the experience and insights that Jesse does, so please don’t miss out on learning the elements for a successful Google Plus strategy for growth.

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Marcela De Vivo

marcela has been doing this for a long time. like, remember dial-up? she studied new media at pomona college, and, as a junior, started her first online business. the rest is history. when she’s not hard at work, she’s with her three kids breaking up fights or trying to get them to eat something healthy.

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