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Month: November 2014

28 Nov 2014
Blog Content

The Gryffin Guide to Readable, Shareable Blog Content

Part I: Developing Quality Content Is There A Clear Structure? Outline your article Delineate your principal ideas Make sure your structure is solid Is it Compelling/Shareable? Lead With A Hook Identify Angles and Opportunities Be Original Speak with Authority Always Research Understand Your Intention Is It Relevant? Know Your Audience Pay Attention to Keywords Follow […]

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26 Nov 2014

The Marketer’s Relationship With Facebook: It’s Not Complicated

Introduction Why Advertising on Facebook is the Right Choice Goals and KPI’s: What Should They Be? What Types of Ads Should I Use? Getting to Know Your Audience Specific Interest Targeting Using INterest Targeting to Segment Your Reach Hidden Interests Mashing Up Your Targeting Options Creating Your Ads – Grab, Intrigue, and Convince The Anatomy […]

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24 Nov 2014
Mobile Security

Mobile Security Infestation

Like every invention and innovation that makes our lives easier, smartphone apps always come with caveats. Sometimes they cost too much; other times, they exhibit addictive qualities that make it harder to stop using them. But lately, one of the most significant issues facing smartphone users that love a good app, particularly those with Android […]

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21 Nov 2014
Adwords Scripts

PPC Management Driving You Mad? These Adwords Scripts Save Hours!

What Are AdWords Scripts? AdWords scripts are an extremely powerful tool in Google AdWords. They have the capability to do most of, if not everything, a PPC a manager can do and it does these tasks almost instantly. They can gather specific data from the largest of accounts in seconds, restructure an entire account with its campaigns, […]

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19 Nov 2014
Titles for Blog Posts

This Secret will Earn you 10X more Blog Traffic.

Which would you read? Zach Wahls Speaks About Family Two Lesbians Raised a Baby and This is What They Got Guess which performed better? The first title got 1 million views on Upworthy, while the 2nd one had 17 million views.  From being fantastical, to generating curiosity, to creating a human connection with your human […]

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17 Nov 2014
Google Analytics

How to Become a Google Analytics Superhero

If you’ve ever run a Google Adwords campaign, chances are you used Google Analytics in harmony with your ads, to keep track of conversions, your sales funnels, and keyword ROI. Setting out on an adwords campaign without tracking your analytics is like throwing bundles of money into a dark room and hoping someone in there […]

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13 Nov 2014

Penalty Safe SEO & The Power of Domain Authority

If you are interested in ranking in Google, you have probably noticed how powerfully Google favors brands.  In a study I published last year on Moz, I share my findings where I analyzed over 100 keywords, and discovered that a large majority of the top 10 spots were occupied by massive brands with high domain […]

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12 Nov 2014
Work Habits

Work Habits of the New Millennium

There are over 79 million of them. 27% of them are self-employed. And by 2030, they will make up 50% of the workforce. There are many names for the generation that is about to take over America’s economic, technological, and creative future: Generation Y, Generation Smartphone, the 9/11 Generation. Most commonly, though, we just identify […]

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11 Nov 2014
Penguin 3.0

The Seasoned SEOs Guide to Penguin 3.0

Introduction What’s to Come Penguin-Safe Practices After Recovering from a Penalty Link building Protocol Under the New Update Why Content is King Introduction Google’s major goal with Penguin 3.0 was to not only increase the scrutiny that links must go through in order to weed out spam, but to also ensure the sites who have […]

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07 Nov 2014
Campaign Starter Guide

Adwords Campaign Starter Guide

Starting an AdWords Campaign may seem like a daunting task as a whole, but by following this guide, which breaks down the process step by step, you’ll have your own campaign set up in no time. Before starting a campaign, you need to have a few things: A detailed, engaging, and appealing website A financial […]

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