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Month: October 2014

31 Oct 2014
Panda Audit

A Step by Step Guide to Performing a Panda Audit

1. Introduction 2. Create an “All Pages” List 1. Site: Search 2. CMS Export 3. Webmaster Tools 4. Google Analytics 5. Screaming Frog 3. Remove Duplicate URL’s 4. Gather Page Metrics 1. URL profiler 2. Duplicate Content 3. Content Evaluation 5. Optimize Pages 1. Keyword Research 2. Optimiza On-Page Elements 3. Refresh/Add Content 6. Technical […]

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30 Oct 2014
Multilingual Multinational SEO

A Comprehensive Guide to Multilingual & Multinational SEO

1. Introduction 2. The International Search Landscape 3. Planning, Research, Resources and Goals: Laying your Foundation a. Is your business ready to go international? b. What are your available resources? c. Does your business have an international audience? d. What are your company’s goals for your international presence? 4. What are some Known International Ranking […]

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27 Oct 2014
Paid Social Amplification

The Road to Success Through Paid Social Amplification

One of the most significant factors in social media’s pivotal role in online marketing is the ease with which marketers can pay to promote ads alongside their social profiles, videos, and feeds. The goal of paid social amplification is a bit of a no-brainer: when you have five thousand Facebook likes, all from people who […]

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24 Oct 2014
Link Earning

A Comprehensive Guide to Safe and Effective Link Earning

1. Introduction 2. Preparation 3. Develop your Content Assets a. Types of content b. Owned vs Hosted Content   c. Define your Link Strategy 4. Preparing for Outreach a. Discover Relevant Sites to Reach Out To b. Create a Spreadsheet with Potential Link Opportunities c. Find Contact Information d. Write Custom Pitch Letters 5. Start […]

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22 Oct 2014

Comprehensive Guide to Using Viraltag

When managing various kinds of social media, it’s important to utilize the tools that will make your job more efficient by expediting daily tasks. When it comes to Pinterest, which involves pinning multiple images to boards on a consistent basis, it is much more time efficient to compile a bulk set of pins that you […]

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20 Oct 2014
Google Communications

How Google Has Ruled Online Communication

When pitting Google against other companies, it’s hard to find a race they wouldn’t win. When comparing search engines, it almost feels blasphemous to put Google on the same level of Yahoo and Bing. After all, no one says “Just go home and Bing that,” and Yahoo! Mail makes up only 4% of total email […]

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17 Oct 2014
Pinterest Marketing

A Step by Step Guide to a Successful Pinterest Marketing Strategy

1. Intro 1. Pinterest by the Numbers 2. Understanding Pinterest 2 Part 1: Setting up your Pinterest Account . Creating your Brand New Pinterest Account 1. Optimizing Your Website For Pinterest 2. Optimize your images for Pinterest 3. Creating Boards 4. Start Pinning 3. Part 2: Crafting Your Perfect Pinterest Marketing Strategy . Preliminary Research […]

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15 Oct 2014
Remarketing Campaign in AdWords Tutorial

How to Set Up Your Remarketing Campaign in AdWords

When reviewing your AdWords campaign it’s easy to decide what to do if people A. See your ad but don’t click, or B. Click on your ad but don’t convert If you’re dealing with case A. You know that you have to improve your Average Position, Ad, and possibly your Quality Score. But what about […]

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13 Oct 2014
Google Labs

What's Going On In the Google Labs?

Google has turned into the Willie Wonka of sorts in the world of STEM – we’re constantly watching what sort of new revolutionary tech candy they’re going to come out with, what new innovation will save us time, and even what new algorithm might sway the world of SEO and content marketing in a completely […]

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10 Oct 2014
Google AdWords Audit Guide

Google AdWords Audit Guide

Continually auditing your AdWords account is integral to making sure that you are both getting as many clicks and conversions as possible, and adjusting your account to fit your evolving business and website. With this guide, you will be able to look through your account(s) and determine what is causing you to lose conversions, whether […]

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