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Month: September 2014

29 Sep 2014
Social Media Etiquette

Social Media Etiquette Guide

We’re used to watching what we say –  and how we say it. Communication has always been one of the main modes we use in making connections, and t we’ve always had to be aware of how to we go about it. You were probably taught to be polite, to listen, but also engage – […]

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26 Sep 2014
Facebook Ad Campaigns

How to Run Successful Facebook Ad Campaigns

The Benefits of Advertising on Facebook Determine your Goals and KPI’s What Ad Types will Best Help you Achieve your KPI’s? Understanding your Audiences Custom Audiences Lookalike Audiences Existing Fans Specific Interest Targeting How to create Social Segments using Interest Targeting. Occupations and Employment Groups and Affiliations Books & Publications Other Websites Applications & Software […]

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24 Sep 2014
Google WebMaster Central

Google Webmaster Central: Office-Hours Hangout September 12th

The following is a complete transcript of a Hangout on Air on September 12th with Google’s John Mueller.  It has been edited for readability. Secure and Sitemaps Will Notifications to WebMasters about Algorithmic Penalties Improve? Will pagerank pass to a site that has a 301 redirect but is blocked by robots.txt? Can blocking duplicate pages […]

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24 Sep 2014
Google WebMaster Tools Audit

Google Webmaster Tools Audit Protocol

Connect your site to Webmaster Tools Getting Started Site Messages Search Appearance Structured Data Data Highlighter HTML Improvements Sitelinks Search Traffic Search Queries Top Queries Top Pages Links to Your Site Who links the most Your most linked content How your data is linked Internal Links Manual Actions International Targeting Google Index Index Status Content […]

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22 Sep 2014
SSL Transition

Tricks for An Easy SSL Transition

Google has favored SSL sites more and more as of late. Only a few months ago, Google Developers began their HTTPS Everywhere campaign, arguing that all internet pages, sites, and content should be secured – by default. And now, they’ve come right out and said it: sites with SSL are going to get better rankings, […]

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19 Sep 2014
Google Search Operators

A Comprehensive Guide to Google Search Operators

Google is, beyond question, the most utilized and highest performing search engine on the web. However, most of the users who utilize Google do not maximize their potential for getting the most accurate results from their searches. By using Google Search Operators, you can find exactly what you are looking for quickly and effectively just […]

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17 Sep 2014
True Social Metrics

How to use TrueSocialMetrics for Social Media Marketing

While basic posting and interaction on social media can seem easy, analyzing social content and understanding why some things are popular – and some aren’t – can be tricky. TrueSocialMetrics is a social media analytics tool that allows you to look through any social media account, be it for a client or a large business/competitor/influencer, […]

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17 Sep 2014
track productivity

Track Productivity

This week I decided to start tracking my time.  Tired of weeks going by with a growing wish list of projects to achieve, it was time to figure out exactly where hours, days and weeks were being siphoned. It took me seconds to have Toggl up and running on my Chrome browser, with a few […]

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15 Sep 2014

How to Communicate in a Zombie Apocalypse

It has a starring role in some of our favorite TV shows and a favorite seat in our worst nightmares: the lights go out, the internet is no more, and weapons and water have replaced iPads as the hottest commodities: it is the middle of a zombie apocalypse. But surely, if we were once able […]

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12 Sep 2014

How to use for Twitter Optimization is a social media tool specifically catered to synthesizing Twitter data. When using a social media platform like twitter – a multi-faceted, fast-paced network in which tweets can be missed in the blink of an eye, and replies can disappear as quickly as they came, it’s important to have a dashboard in which you […]

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